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    Hi new to the forum my Grandpa (Robert James McCarter - number 2665261) was a tank driver in the Coldstream Armoured guards. (Sadly I was too young or an angry teen to not ask when he was alive but now at 22 a bit older and wiser I wish I had asked so many questions


    Images on the far left of both photos is him and wondering what tank he is stood infront of. Seem to remember he said he drove a Sherman (Bottom pic I believe is in Belgium

    Just really want to learn more about his division where he went and stumble across other photos and stories

    Imgur: The magic of the Internet
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.
    There's quite a bit on the forum about The Coldstream & Guards Armoured Division.
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    Thanks currently reading a lot into it and fascinating stuff
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    Welcome to the forum. Your grandfather was either in 1st or 4th CG - both were armoured Battalions.

    If you post his full name and army number you may find a member can be more specific. You need to have sight of his service record - which will be held by RHQ, Coldstream Guards in London - in any event to get a full picture of his service.

    Details on both the above points are contained in the Brigade of Guards thread below. I’ll ask a moderator to move your post - or part of it? - to the Brigade of Guardsor sear+hing for someone forums as it may attract more assistance there.

    Good Luck.


    The Brigade of Guards
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    Thanks for the prompt response have updated the thread with his name and number. That would be great if it could be transfered to the correct place
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    1 CG had Shermans
    4 CG had Churchills.

    Going by photos I'd say Grandpa was in 1 CG

    Apply to CG RHQ for service records.
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    Do you have a website link or form to contact. I really do appreciate the help
  8. Owen

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    Seems their website is down.

    Here's text from a cached page from their site .
    Try phoning them first.
    Phone Number: 020 7414 324


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