Collecting WW2 Gallantry and Campaign Medals Hints and Tips

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    Strange, I don't see him on the Roll of Honour covering 1948 onward, also odd that it mentions appears to have died from wounds etc but he doesn't show in any casualty returns as wounded. I'm guessing he had been demobbed and his medals being issued and his death was not directly service related, but would be interesting to get the full story
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    Thats why I initially dismissed them ,however that medal slip made me revisit . Theres a probate record for him same address as the box but he didnt die there he died at Ulmus Cottage Ferringham Lane,Sussex.

    The photograph shows a collar and tie ,late war-post war and it has a St Niklaas,Belgium stamp on the back?

    Theres a couple of newspaper articles regarding an inquest. He hung himself after been discharged from the army with (TB ?) Sorry subscriptions lapsed

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    Updating this post, Townsend's medals sold today for £260,000.

    Lot 126, Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (21 July 2021) | Dix Noonan Webb
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