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    We said farewell to Colonel John Llewellyn Waddy OBE today, who recently passed away at the age of 100 years old. Members of the 4th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, were in attendance to be his bearer party. Arriving at the Church of St Andrew & St Mary, in the village of Pitminster, nr Taunton, one of his favourite songs, 'Danny Boy' sung by Bing Crosby, was played.
    Moving tributes were given by his friends and family. After the hymn, 'I vow to thee my country,' was played, Colonel Waddy's coffin was carried out to the graveside by soldiers from 4 PARA and the music of Wagner's, 'Ride of the Valkyries', echoed from inside the church.
    Colonel Waddy's famous slouch hat was removed from his coffin as he was laid to rest, with the committal prayers being spoken by the Revd Jim Fallon.
    RIP Colonel John Waddy OBE 1920 - 2020.



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    Posted this yesterday in thread on A Bridge Too Far.

    The Daily Telegraph has a lengthy obituary today for Colonel John Waddy, died 27/9/2020; it is behind a pay wall so only lightly cited:
    Link: Colonel John Waddy, survivor of Operation Market Garden who went on to lead the SAS – obituary
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    For all, you can catch a couple of glimpses of Colonel Waddy, and the chaps he advised and help train during the filming in the post here;

    A Bridge Too Far.

    Always remember, never forget,

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