Colour Photos of Red Army

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    There pretty good! I like the contrasting tones, the quality is pretty good as well, it really helps showcase better. Although why do the Red Army soldiers have Japanese flags in one of the pictures?

    This one is also worth a semi WW2 related look,

    English Russia » Russian Flying Fortresses
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    Hmmmm, as one comment post says...
    Albeit color brings out the realism of a photo in some respects, these are black and white photos that have been colorized. Although I am not sure when each were enhanced, Adobe’s Photoshop can do this job very easily. I was a photo restoration professional for many years, also, unless these photos were hidden away, any sunlight would ‘wash’ away the red spectrum, leaving a blue-ish image today, anything 20 years old from today begin to lose its vibrant color. the men standing on a bridge, was the only one I could say, was a color photo. Beautiful photos however.

    The Japanese flags can be explained by the fact that the Red Army overrun Japanese held Manchuria in Aug 45, google up Operation August Storm.
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    I know they photo-shopped but it brought them to life somewhat.

    I think this is about the only genuine colour photo out the lot isn't it ?

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    Possibly. Lend Lease film :)

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