Commando Chaplains (1945)

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    Commando Chaplains

    left to right:

    Rev. Maurice A.P. Wood, D.S.C. R.N.V.R. No. 3 Commando Bde/ No. 48 Commando
    Rev. Arthur Drake, C.F., No. 1 Commando
    Rev. A.J.O. Gordon, C.F., No. 6 Commando
    Rev. Tom O. Sturdy, C.F. No. 3 Commando
    Rev. A.R. Thornley, R.N.V.R. No. 47 Commando
    Rev. H. Keanen, D.S.C. R.N.V.R., No. 46 Commando
    Rev. John Armstrong, O.B.E. R.N. (Senior Chaplain) No. 47 Commando
    Rev. Reginald Haw, R.N.V.R. No. 47 Commando
    The Tatler 28 March 1945
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