Coordinations on SAS maps and reports.

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    Hello, i'm working at me second book about the liberation of Holland. ;)
    but in many reports i find only shiphers en letters: exemple
    Ops is Keystone, pre ops for Larkswood.
    "1 Polisch Armed Division. 1 Polisch Inf Bde have field HQ at 206048 -225044-224049-215053" etc. these shiphers refer to some locations in Holland. Wat Maps are uesing the SAS, or is it an RAF Map. How to make the crosspoint between de 3 first and 3 last shiphers????

    so many quests, so little time:confused::confused::confused:
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    You will need to use the Nord de guerre grid and assuming it is square QZ your first translation request will be qz206048, giving 52° 12' 46'' N 5° 06' 46'' E
    Paste those into google earth and you are within approx 800 metres any direction.
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    Thanks for al the intel, next year (2013) will be me first job to try out the translater.
    All the 111 documents i have are all about Operation Keystone, Operation Anger, Larkswood. From the SAS and SOE.

    thx, and all the luck in a new workyear.

    kind regards
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    If the map references refer to Larkswood, does Kerkelanden/ Nieuw-Loosdrecht area seem right?
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    I think you could try this

    The "Coordinates Translator"

    dear Lesley,

    in me book, liberation of north Holland (bevrijding van Noord Holland) Operation Larkswood, i find the following configaretion "Q541041". I think it's SAS or SOE. But it is not working in the translater. Please can you give it a try.
    most of the marks strating whit a "v", but this one starts whit a "q". Is it possible that the combination has been send whit a jedburg???
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    If the map references refer to Larkswood, does Kerkelanden/ Nieuw-Loosdrecht area seem right?
    Dear 51 Highland,
    in me book about Operation Larkswood (The Belgian SAS) , the places Kerkelanden and nieuw Loosdrecht are not quoted. Can you give me een bigger place nearbuy, because i hav all the warmaps of North Holland.

    kind regards
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    They were using RAF maps as they were reliant on supplies from the RAF through parachute drops for food, ammunition and clothing. its obvious really when you think about it.
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    Dear Erik, I very much hope you may find this response somehow (and/or if any of your compatriots should see it hopefully they will bump the info on to you)

    With reference to Operation Keystone (Report by Major H. C. DRUCE) I can state with some certainty that when writing his after action report he used GSGS No. 2541 HOLLAND 1; 100000 Sheet 2 (UTRECHT) and Sheet 5 ('S HERTOGENBOSCH) Third Edition 1943.

    To illustrate this, for example, the first map reference given within Major Druce's report from 12th April "Bemmel, E 7367" is spot on (as much as it can be when just quoting four digits) on SHEET 5 ('S HERTOGENBOSCH).

    Another example, Major Druce's report 14th April "We moved to just South of Deelen aerodrome (E 736872) where we were fired on by German S.P." is again spot on SHEET 2 (UTRECHT).

    All the other map references from Major Druce's report on Operation Keystone plot correctly on these maps.

    Hope this helps, apologies for this being such a late reply, I am a newcomer to the WW2 Talk website.

    Good luck with all your endeavours.


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