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    In the Heroes of Soviet Union thread I mentioned Otakar Jaroš who was the first foreigner to become a Hero Of The Soviet Union.
    The ATB article mentions the Czechoslovak troops were equipped by the British.
    I've seen some pictures of them in battledress and 'battle bowlers'.
    To the casual observer they look like British Tommies.
    I know by the 144 -45 battles the Czechoslovaks were wearing Soviet style uniforms but in the early days at the front were they still wearing British uniforms & steel helmets?

    If so I wonder if the Germans & their allies thought they were fighting British troops.

    As an aside, if I remember rightly in Alanbrooke's diaries, Churchill was thinking of sending a couple of British divisions to fight in Russia.
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    Just found this , captioned after battle of Sokolvo.
    Czechoslovak military units in USSR (1942-1945) - Gallery
    That's the battle where Jaros died.
    so it looks like they were in British battledress to start with.

    1st Czechoslovak Independent Field Battalion

    Czechoslovak recruits coming to Buzuluk were dressed in civil or prisoner clothes. Only first group that arrived from Oranky was dressed in work uniform of Red army. Fortunately the Buzuluk's barracks primarily served as base of W. Anders's Polish army, which left there 3000 British battledresses after their departure. Those British uniforms were finaly used (after negotiations with Soviets) by Czechoslovaks

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