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    Can any kind person tell me where marshalling camp 'J9' was located? Somewhere in Sussex - but where?

    And was 'J5' Newick & Chailey (where the Hallams were held) or Binham & Hooke?

    Any help appreciated.- thank you
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    Thank you kindly for your help regarding D-Day Marshalling Camp 'J5' which is labelled "Binham and The Hook" in the links you sent me. I have been confused because in the War Diary of the Hallamshire Battalion of the York & Lancs, it clearly states that the marching troops moved to Marshalling Camp at Newick and Chailey. It now appears that this was incorrect and they went to "Binham and The Hooke". Same place different name.

    Camp "J9" is still unknown

    Thanks a lot.
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    I thought I gave you J9 in the above info?? (Haywards Heath)??? Or is Haywards Heath a “general location” and not an exact location???
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    I have found in Western Command region, the name given to a specific location at regional level was not necessarily the name used by the unit actually located there. So in one case the same regional name was applied to three different sites up to seven miles apart from command's chosen town name. I went to Kew once specifically to get one unit file only to find that the unit wasn't actually where command put it. The unit gave their correct geographical village name.
    This problem continued when the US took over the same sites and sometimes perpetuated the errors as they took so much from Western Command as gospel.
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    Most likely its the Map Reference to this area. I’ll see if I can find it on a WW2 map (unless someone beats me to it)
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    Just checked it IS a MAP REFERENCE…….820375 is the EXACT location of “The Hooke”…….so you can locate all the “J’ Camps on a map (if they have a Map Reference)


    McMasters University has the WW2 1940 Military maps of England that can be used (the above map is from their collection

    Source for above maps: Index to WWII England & Wales 1:63,360 Scale Maps | McMaster University Library

    If you need help plotting these, just let me know, and I’ll plot them for you and post or send by PM if you wish

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    I added the second Map Reference to the map, so the second MR 825389 is Binham

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    Thank you kindly - very useful
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    Thanks Temujin!

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