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  1. Incredibledisc

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    Just stumbled across this Twitter BBC iPlayer - D-Day to Berlin: Newsnight Special

    “George Stevens's remarkable film is acclaimed by historians as the most important colour footage taken during the war. Milestones covered include the liberation of Paris, the link-up between the Russian and American armies on the River Elbe and the Allied capture of the Dachau concentration camp”

    Saw this documentary a few years back (probably another D-Day anniversary) excellent colour footage of the liberation of Europe just including some haunting images of Dachau. Well worth a watch.
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  2. Lindele

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    Is there an easy way to see this without signing in or similar?
  3. Incredibledisc

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    Not sure Stefan. I have iplayer account - no cost to UK TV license payers but not sure how it works for anyone else.

    Edit - just had a look and there doesn’t appear to be any (legal) way around it which leaves VPN and Proxy sites which of course I am sure no law-abiding person would consider.
  4. Lindele

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    Do you know, is there a Mediathek I could check?

  5. Incredibledisc

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    No idea Stefan. Sorry!

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