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    The history of 112th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery features a photograph of D Troop, 220 Battery taken at Eastbourne in May 1944.
    Does anyone own a copy of this photograph or know of an archive that holds an original?
  2. Hi Guy. Just seen your post. A relative said he had a photograph of my Grandfather with his regiment, he's taken a age to pass it on to me but hopefully I will obtain it soon. After some research I found that my grandfather was also in D Troop, 220 Battery. So hopefully it is the same one you are after. I will be in touch.
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  3. Guy Hudson

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    Many thanks for your offer, I look forward to seeing an original copy.
  4. Hi Guy.

    I got the photo. If you want a hard copy I can see what I can do.

    Regards, Damion.

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  5. Hi, my father was also in 220 battery 112th Wessex Field Regt RA (Sgt Henry Mansfield). He does not appear in the above picture but is in another similar picture in the book 'Master of None' by Maj Goddard. Wonder if anyone has an original of this picture as the book pic is not that clear.
    Paul Mansfield
  6. Hi Paul. I have a Harry Mansfield who was in 220 Battery HQ, the original photo I have is D Troop 220 Battery which my Grandfather was in. I have a image from the book 112th (Wessex) Field Regiment RA, TA. 1938 - 1946 Unfortunately I don't have an original. I imagine it's the same picture as you have as both books are by Maj Goddard.
    Regards, Damion.
  7. Hi Damion, thanks so much for the picture - it is slightly better than mine and also includes all the names which is great. I've been trying to get hold of the 112th field regiment book but without success so far. Wonder if there is an index and if my father gets a mention? Friends always knew dad as Harry rather than Henry. He spoke fluent German and on one occasion was sent back to the field hospital for a wound that had turned septic. An injured SS soldier was brought in and dad had to explain to him that he needed a blood transfusion to survive. When it was explained to him that it was British blood his answer was 'I'd rather die than have British blood' - needless to say he died! Dad said very little else about the war - he had nightmares for some time after his visit to Belsen which is hardly surprising. Just sent off for his service records which should be interesting - anyway, thanks again for the pic. regards Paul.
  8. Hi Paul, No problem. Yes the book is very difficult to get hold off, after calling numerous book sellers in the South West with no luck I eventually found it on ebay. I was extremely lucky but unfortunately it's missing pages 181 - 202 which contains parts 1 and 2 of Wounded/Missing. I only have part 3 which I cant see your father's name. So he must have been injured before 24th June 1944. I'll tag Owen in the conversation, maybe he wouldn't mind having a look in his copy. Like your father my Grandfather said little about the war and after his passing I have always wondered what he did and where he was. The book has been vital for my research as it does highlight a lot of 220 Battery. I'm currently writing up an abridged version of the book mainly concentrating on the regiments actions and locations before, during and after the war. It does mentioned Belsen which would have been horrific and also the Camp where Ann Frank and her sister died, I'm currently watching auschwitz the nazis and the final solution on netflix. It's grim to watch on a TV I can't imagine to see have it in real life !
    I also have a diary he kept between Jan-March 1946 which also give me a idea what he did during that time up to his demob.
    Regards, Damion
  9. wessex.jpg
    Thanks for looking Damion - much appreciated. Not sure if dad would appear in the wounded list - he cut himself on some barbed wire that turned septic. Wonder if the BBC still hold this recording from 1945 as mentioned in the Taunton Courier 22/9/1945.
  10. Interesting news clip, did a search online but just found old war experiences that the BBC did online. I wonder if Cornwall's Regimental Museum in Bodmin have anything about it. It is possible that your dads injury was not recorded, I'm thinking it may have been in the winter as the weather was fairly bad and his wound may not have been able to heal. Out of curiosity I was wondering where your father was from? My Grandfather was living with his parents in St Austell, a stone mason and enlisted in Taunton about 30 odd days after was declared. During my research I have found it quite odd that Brighton (east sussex) has been significant within it. Firstly my Grandmother was from Brighton apparently they met in Portsmouth. Douglas Goddard "a master on none" author had ties to Brighton before being assigned to 112th, D troop and HQ Battery 220. Also a Albert Figg who wrote a book "the ups and downs of a gunner" who in his early years was also tied to East Sussex and possibly a distant relative post war. I've been quite fortunate that my grandfather had kept his service book so I have been able to get a fair bit of information from that but I have recently (like you) sent of for his service records.
    Happy New Year
    Regards Damion.
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    Parts 1& 2 list the dead so he's not in that list either.

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  12. Hi Damion, dad joined up in Cardiff in 1942. Married my mum just before D Day. He had a code to tell her where he was in France/Belgium/Holland. 1st letter of 1st sentence, 2nd letter of 2nd word of 2nd sentence, 3rrd letter of 3rd word in 3rd sentence etc. He was very good at maths and English - probably why they put him in the artillery.
    regards Paul
  13. Just managed to get hold of the 112th (Wessex) Field regiment book. Should be a good read.
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  14. Brilliant, where did you find a copy ?
  15. On Amazon. One just came up. Had to pay through the nose for it but good to have.
  16. I'm now trying to locate a copy of the 112th Group photo. The attached image is from Albert Figg's Book, I have sent messages to his web site asking about the photo but since his passing not sure if it's maintained that much now. Does any have a copy or know where to obtain a copy ?

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