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    As a small number of forum members know, I run a little Sunday club in a caravan close to my home, attendance averages about 12 members,and I don't think we have missed a Sunday the seven years since it started,
    It is known as Club Sog,(Sad Old Gits) which seems very apt having just read the first sentence,We sometimes organize a little veterans get together, and have been blessed with a number interesting visitors including some forum members, we are on the third caravan as we outgrew the previous two a 12ft and a 16ft, we are now 20ft and getting tight for room again,
    Attending our meeting today, was an old friend of many years,who lives in Lebanon, he is over for his holiday, and has joined us previously when in England,
    The conversations exchanged on a Sunday covers a wide spectrum,and the atmosphere was once accurately described by a Dutch friend, as "being in a chicken shed with foreign speaking chickens" ,
    Today was good, as my friend from the Lebanon was leaving he passed me these words, words he had written after a visit to Dachau,
    I ordered a bit of hush, and It was read aloud, when we all left for home we all took a little more than we came with, it was good at SOGS today
    It was written by Anthony Johae

    Any members travelling through or near Colchester on a Sunday morning would be most welcome to join us for a coffee and a bacon roll, PM me first so I get enough rolls.
    regards lofty (The Sogmiester)

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    good day lofty1,yesterday,11:16pm.re:dachau--some words,you have a fine club going.and loyal menbers. I read your thumbnail.very true,but most of all I agree.they would do it again.thank you for posting,regards bernard85
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    Moving words there Lofty. Thanks for sharing and for the offer of a bacon butty. Keep up the good work Club Sog.
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    Belated congratulations on the Sunday Club !

    At the risk of being accused of a nit-picking, when I read that most evocative poem on Dachau I found myself automatically checking for names and almost immediately noticed some glaring omissions.

    The full list of those charged is here:

    Lest we forget !

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    Not Dachau, but... link
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    Kudos to Professor Johae. His poem is brilliant.


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