Daughter of LCpl Nick ZAHORODNY, Canadian 1st Hussars

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    Thanks for the welcome. Is that your dad in the picture?
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    Yes it is. His name was Ernest Illingworth.
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    wow pretty handsome dad. Here is mine.Thanks was wondering how to put his picture on there.
    Proud of myself for figuring it out. I am not very computer savvy.
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    Seems to be some controversy in our family when he actually enlisted. Could be 1941? He did enlist in Manitoba and did some training at Portage la Prairie? before going to Camp Borden. I know he did leave from Halifax on Queen Elizabeth. Have tried searching enlistment records thru library and archives canada but the link seems to be broken. Any suggestions?
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    I did an informal request for service files back in 2019, I just did another informal request for service files about two months ago. I did receive a email that said they were attaching in to my request back in 2019. Wow takes along time. Maybe covid? Would i be allowed to now do a formal request? Maybe that would speed things up. Thanks for all your help. Just realized they are making some changes to LAC and are in process of going online for requests.(March 2023).
    That should speed things up. NO Easy or TURBO key. HAHA
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