Dennis Adey, REME, Hofuku Maru, 21/9/1944

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  1. I have a relative Dennis adey who was in REME he died at sea on 21/9/1944. Where were REME at this time
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    First of all here's your relative's CWGC entry:


    Lance Corporal ADEY, DENNIS
    Service Number 4916693
    Died 21/09/1944
    Aged 24
    Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    Commemorated at SINGAPORE MEMORIAL
    Location: Singapore
    Number of casualties: 24317
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Column 110.

    There is no simple answer to that because the REME were everywhere in all theatres: as a Corps, and because of their specialist role, they had smaller units attached to battalions, regiments, divisions etc.

    It looks to me like he died while a Prisoner of war of the Japanese.

    This could be a possibility, but it's only a guess
    Hōfuku Maru - Wikipedia

    Have you applied to MOD for copy of service records?
    Request records of deceased service personnel - GOV.UK
  3. Thanks,his niece reckons he was on a pow ship that was bombed by the raf? He started his service with the s.staffs regiment then seems to have moved to REME
    Many thanks
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    Find my past has him as POW 1942 and his Regiment as, REME, South Stafordshire's.
  5. Thanks much appreciated
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    This linked website confirms Dennis Adey as a victim of the sinking of the above-mentioned hellship

    A - surnames

    Hofuku Maru

    PS I've edited your thread title to include more info
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    Find my past has several entries, confirms he was on, Hofoku Maru (ship). Casualties at sea, China Sea (Philippines): Hofuku Maru (Japanese ship transporting prisoners of war) sunk
  9. Many thanks
    I will apply for records
    My father was a pow would they have his record too
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    His capture date according to the Cofepow database was 15th February 1942, this normally relates to those taken prisoner after the surrender of Singapore.

    Record Details
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    Was your father a POW in Europe or the Far East? - the MOD as mentioned above will also have his service records

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    Gordon, welcome to the forum.

    I know a little about the Hofuku Maru since my uncle also died on 21st September 1944 on board the ship when it sank off the coast of Luzon following attack by US carrier borne aircraft. My uncle and your relative are listed within two names of each other on the complete casualty list which finally became available in or about March 1946.

    Some records are at the National Archives (TNA, or Kew ), some are in the American National Archives in Maryland. This is because the American Archives obtained the records of the Japanese Prisoner of War Information Bureau, but also because the Philippines were in the US jurisdiction post war.

    The thread about the Hofuku Maru is here:
    Hofuku Maru

    L/Cpl Adey is listed with RAOC men in file WO361/2139 at Kew.. This gives the date he entrained at Singapore for the very unpleasant journey to Ban Pong in Thailand ( usually took five days in very cramped conditions, to say the least ) as 25th October 1942.

    He spent twenty seven days in Roberts Hospital, Changi, from 16th July 1942 to 22nd August 1942 ( see Book 30, Roberts Hospital admissions and discharges, now in WO347).


    This is my photo of his IJA card.

    Adey 1.jpg

    Adey 2.jpg
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  13. Many thanks for thid
  14. Many thanks
  15. Taken in tobruk 1942. Pow camp in Poland then on the long March to a camp in Germany liberated by Americans then first to German death camp nor sure which one
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    Could Admin or OP amend the spelling of his surname to ADEY, for future enquirers who may be linked.
    Are we looking at the right man as Gordon now states "captured at Tobruk" so would be German/Italian PoW NOT a Jap PoW......
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    What wa your fathers name, or regiment, or service number - there are several possible POW's and need to narrow the search

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    Kevin - two different people. Gordon's relative L/Cpl Adey to which thread refers was FEPOW. Next person enquired about is father for whom, as per TD's post, details are as yet unknown was German/Italian POW.
  19. Dennis adey is correct .
    It is my FATHER. E.A. DOWNING. Captured at tobruk. Dennis was my aunts brother
  20. Edwin. Alfred. Downing. RAMC. Dont know his service number. Born in closely/ Wolverhampton 6/5/1922

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