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    I am trying to establish which part of the 13/18th Royal Hussars Dennis Mason was in so I can assist his brother in finding more about Dennis service history.Before I ask him to send for the service record i was hoping to find which Squadron/ Troop he was in.He joined the Unit prior to DDay He was in one of the first DD Tanks to arrive a SWORD beach on DDay as a wireless operator .Had a total of 3 tanks and went into Germany during Operation Varsity ending his service as a Sgt.Besides that his brother knows very little.Any help would be appreciated
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  3. Hello Adrian,

    Do you have an additional information on Dennis Mason, however insignificant it might appear? Names/nicknames of fellow crew members, any anecdote or really anything might help us identify his troop/squadron. The difficulty is that no nominal roll showing where he was has been found thus far.

  4. adrian davies

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    Thankyou his brother lost touch with Dennis post war so he knows very little.I will give him a ring tomorrow and ask
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    The journals are online and they list who is in what troop.

    I found both my great uncles listed

    History Downloads

    Scroll down to 13/18th

    I can’t see him listed in 1945
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    There is a Sgt C H Mason - A squadron

    also CPL Mason - B Squadron

    I think your relation is Cpl Mason B Squadron

    there is Also a group photo in the 1945 journal
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    Thanks I will take a look.I did find a Mason who if I recollect correctly was a Batman but this didn’t seem to be the same person.Where may I find the picture you mentioned
  8. James Harvey

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    It is in the 1945 journal

    there are group photos of a and b squadrons
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    Hi guys,
    I’m in touch with Michael Pine Coffin, grandson of the 7th Parachute Battalion’s C.O. In his research into D Day and the Normandy campaign he has the following info he asked to pass on. He established this looking into the 13/18th who were in action around Benouville when the 7th were holding it.

    Hi Alex,
    Had a look at some of the 13/18th Hussars stuff on WW2talk and noticed a request for information on Dennis Mason. I spoke to him way back in 2007.
    He was the wireless operator in Bobby Neave’s DD tank on D-Day. Captain Neave was the 2i/c of B Squadron and was one of the first tanks ashore.
    Can you pass the above information on for me please”

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  10. adrian davies

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    Thats very much appreciated.Thanks for the information thats a great start.
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