Do you ever get bored of your collection?

Discussion in 'WW2 Militaria' started by Utku, Mar 6, 2021.

  1. Utku

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    Hey people,
    I used to spend lots of time with my Third Reich award collection. Now I don’t know what to do. They are like a weight to me. I want to sell them and I don’t want to collect anything anymore; but this emotion changes fast. It is like a circle. For example Yesterday, I woke up with stress of having them. Afternoon, I toke them out of their box and toke pleasure while looking at them (just normal collector pleasure). And today, now again I don’t like them and they give me stress because I have them. Is it because I am too obsessed with them? Like I said I used to spend lots of time with my collection. For finding beautiful parts I tried hard. Always looked for them. Is that might be the case? What should I do? Sell them or spend time away? Did you ever get bored of your collection? Did it ever give you anxiety? And also sometimes my attention is drawn by other stuff. Like Turkish banknotes. But I only collect Third reich medals. Thank you for your answers.
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  2. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    I would just put them away and leave them for a bit give yourself a break, because if you sell them later on you'll probably regret selling them if you do.
  3. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Take photos and sell the lot
    get rid of it

    ones mans treasure is another mans junk
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    I agree with forum member Deacs. Put the items away and don't visit them for a while in order to clear your head and have time to consider your options. I wonder if your worries are in respect of what your collection (Third Reich medals) represent in history?

    I have a collection of mainly British related medals and militaria and made a conscious decision not to collect anything with a connection to Germany and WW2. However, the items in your collection are important historical artefacts and nobody who collects them and treats them as such, should worry or feel guilty about appreciating them or owning them.
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  5. Utku

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    Hey! Thanks for your answer friend,
    I shipped it to an online auction shop. Planning to earn around 200 euros hopefully.
  6. Utku

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    No, not of course. Honestly never thought this way. I was just collecting a really interesting historical memorabilia. I shipped it to an online auction shop anyway. I tried to sold it but buyer called his friend and man said it worths around 100£ only. I got extremely mad. Brainless guy, you can’t even buy them for that price in Germany. He said he is been doing this job for 30 years. And what to say? Buyer didn’t believe of course. Imagine, all my medals had original ribbon and in mint or near mint condition, I had one ostmedaille, one ostmedaille document, one schutwall and one KVK 2 Class, one 2 Reichsmark 1939 A, one Hitler 1933 pin, one 1942 police say badge. Such a dumb man. He gave examples from Russia. He thought Russian medals and Nazi medals worth same. Other buyer claimed it might be fake, so didn’t want to buy it. He claimed there is no fake ones for Soviets but many fakes for Nazi medals. And I asked him how many Nazi medals he saw? He said “a few”. You saw “a few” and claim my collection might be fake! You fat rat! I never touched them without cotton gloves, always cleaned them with cotton and toke care of them like they were my child. I LOVED THEM! How dare you!

    Anyway, I had to tell this to someone, I don’t have many friend. Thank you for reading. Stole your time sorry.

    I will buy a Turkish War of Independence Medal and hopefully 1. Emission Turkish 1 Livre Series 1. Going to creat a super collection. Want to see? Here how they look
    94F744B0-C177-46CD-A7A2-2F7E142D1BA0.jpeg 9E8BC366-2CD1-47E4-B1FC-A58A87DCE8F2.jpeg
    Just looking at them gives me joy!
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    Glad you made your decision. Good luck with the new collection theme.:)
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