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Discussion in 'Australian' started by Incredibledisc, May 20, 2016.

  1. Richelieu

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    One file I was looking at has all but 5 pages still sealed after 70 years, which rather defeats the object of putting the file online! However, some of the earlier correspondence is available in other files which makes me wonder if this is perhaps an oversight. Has anyone tried a Freedom of Information request? I understand that officially you have to be an Australian citizen, which I am not.
  2. spidge


    There is nothing stopping you from requesting the file by filling in the appropriate paperwork online or simply sending an email or writing a letter to ask exactly that. I have just read a RAAF file that has been digitised with part stating this section if moved is to be placed in a white envelope, sealed and delivered by hand. They may have good reason. What I do not know.
  3. Richelieu

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    Actually Spidge, I made a request a few hours after my post and will see what happens...

    UPDATE: I’ve heard back from a Reference Officer from the National Reference Service who has submitted an access application on my behalf. He advised that they “are obliged to respond to your application for access within 90 days”, so all good so far.

    UPDATE: NAA have rescanned and released the entire file. Very impressed by the service provided.

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