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    Captain Desmond Victor Wakely Wakely, the Dorsetshire Regiment, was awarded the Military Cross.
    On July 29th, 1943, outside Agira the company commanded by Captain Wakely was ordered to secure a position astride the main Agira-Regalbuto road. On approaching the position fire was opened on this company from positions along the main road. By skilful manoeuvring Captain Walkely disposed his company in such a way that an assault was possible and himself leading forward the reserve platoon succeeded in capturing the position. Later the enemy counter-attacked twice supported by tanks. Both attacks were driven off with heavy losses to the enemy, and the position was held. Throughout this action Captain Wakely was almost in the forefront of the fighting, directing fire himself and showing the utmost disregard for his own safety.

    On July 30th, 1943, near Regalbuto, Captain Wakely’s company carried out a daylight attack on a dominating feature overlooking the main Regalbuto road. The attack was made up of a very steep gradient which was subjected to heavy enemy mortar fire. Enemy machine-gun positions were sited on the reverse slope. Captain Wakely led his company with such skill that the crest of the feature was gained with few casualties and in very quick time. Once on the crest heavy machine-gun fire was opened on the company from the enemy positions on the reverse slope, causing several casualties. Captain Wakely immediately reorganised his company and with great personal dash and leadership accounted for the enemy post holding up his advance. The position was finally captured and held in spite of two determined counter-attacks. Captain Wakely again showed courage and leadership of the highest order and inspired all those under his command.

    Captain Wakely was born in Eire.
    Name Wakely, Desmond Victor Wakely
    Rank: Captain
    Service No: 62606
    Regiment: 1 Dorset Regiment
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Sicily
    Award: Military Cross
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 04 November 1943
    Date 1943-1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/3

    London Gazette:
    28 August 1942

    2 November 1943
    The Military Cross.
    Captain Desmond Victor Wakely Wakely (63606), The Dorsetshire Regiment (Malta).

    21 October 1947
    Dorset R.
    Capt. D. V. W. WAKELY, M.C. (63606), to be Maj., 30th Aug. 1947.

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