Duxford Land Warfare Hall going?

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  1. Yesterday I visited Bovington Tank Museum and spoke to one of the people who work there. He told me that the Curator of Duxford wants to close the Land Warfare Hall, (The Tank Hall at the end of the airfield) and make the museum 'aircraft only' I am very shocked and upset at this and wonder if anyone on here has heard similar?

    I am more than happy to said a letter to those concerned to confirm this and pass on the information. If this turns out to be true is anyone on here willing to write, when I have confirmation, (if true), to lobby the curator?

    I will divulge I live 1 1/2 hours away from the museum which is relatively close for such a great museum but I have also been told many of the exhibits are not owned by the museum but by private owners so many of these items will not be simply moved elsewhere.
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  2. Markyboy

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    I'll be honest and say I've been to Duxford many times and have only a very vague recollection of the land warfare hall. All the marketing seems squarely aimed at aviation and I can see why they'd eye up extra space for exhibits as that would be more of a draw (presumably) than Tanks. It's hardly the cheapest day out, and Duxford does have to compete with the RAF Museum in North London which is free.
  3. von Poop

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    I always start at the Land Warfare hall. Some interesting bits & pieces there, and the site's so big many seem to miss it altogether as the museum fatigue has kicked in by then.

    Not heard anything. Will ask on Twatter.
  4. von Poop

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    Deleted some strange posts.
    Land Warfare?..

    One chap on Twatter also heard it from a staff member there.
    Also thought maybe something to do with the Hotel/planning stuff from last year.
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  5. Blutto

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    Perhaps someone might like to ring and ask them? I'm a bit far away and in a different time zone or I would.
  6. idler

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    From their FB 'About' page:

    So 'peace' is within Duxford's remit, but the greater part of the world wars isn't?

    In the the absence of any apparent plans, they should be made to offer their unwanted exhibits to other museums for nothing. I'm sure the RLC Museum might like some lorries, for example.

    I'm sure IWM can afford to put a bid in for Fort Paull's Beverley without flogging off all the good stuff...
  7. Ewen Scott

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    There were rumours floating around about this a couple of years ago. Scrap the Land Warfare Hall and erect a new building for more aircraft. Apparently a lot of the vehicles were / are not owned by the IWM.

    This was all to be part of a “Master Plan”. Some details from over on ARRSE from that time with a link to a presentation about development of the site.

    The Future of IWM Duxford
  8. jonheyworth

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    A friend of mine bought the Sherman grizzly from there a while ago . Quite a bit is on loan
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    And the Flying Legends Airshow (although I appreciate that isn't the Land Warfare Hall) will no longer be taking place at Duxford, not just this year because of Covid but for good.
  10. Markyboy

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    Now that is a real shame! Easily my pick of the air show season.
  11. hucks216

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    This from one of the Duxford curators. It seems they see it as too niche.

  12. idler

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    But if it's 'become removed from its warbird origins', hasn't it already become 'less niche'? Surely they haven't made a decision and now have to find a reason for it?
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  13. Ewen Scott

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    So it is a “war museum” but the rumours are that the Land Museum will be removed. What does that leave at Duxford? Nothing but aeroplanes. So surely that makes it an “aviation museum”?

    I would have thought that the air displays drew large crowds to spend money in the Museum shops. Nice to know they can do without that extra revenue.
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  14. Robert-w

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    And so it ceases to be the IWM and becomes the IWAM (Imperial War in the Air Museum)
    but Imperial has become very non PC and even the concept of museum is coming under attack as being exploitive and a remnant of a colonial past. Lets be honest it becomes WMMMA (Whatever Makes the Most Money Attraction)
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  15. WATU

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    I heard this morning that the IWM Duxford Land Warfare Exhibition is to be "dispersed". Presumably the loan items returned to their owners? Anyone aware of anything current?

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