Essex Scottish War Diary

Discussion in 'Canadian' started by Sailormannn, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian Patron

    I see...!

    Well, like I said, I am at LAC semi-regularly (I have been there every 2-3 months) and I could definitely photograph September '44 or more than that. Let me know what you need.

  2. Sailormannn

    Sailormannn Member

    Just checked. I have Sept /44. Oct, Nov & Dec /44 would be great to have.
  3. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian Patron

    Ok I will add those to my list of things to get! Of course they're in microfilm but last time I went it was pretty easy to get screen caps of pages from microfilm... it seems they'd upgraded a bit. Or maybe I was just using the wrong thing before.

    Do you want the entirety of the war diaries with Field Returns and all that?
  4. Sailormannn

    Sailormannn Member

    Just the diaries would be great. Would love to read everything but I know that’s a lot of stuff; better for me to go through that myself sometime on a visit to LAC.
  5. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member

    I have the following Essex Scottish Regiment war diaries. They are mostly log sheets with a few appendices:

    The Essex Scottish Regiment
    15059 – 1939/09-1940/12
    15060 – 1941/01-1941/12 & 1943/01-1943/09
    17513 – 1942/01-1942/12
    15061 – 1943/10-1945/08 (Missing 1944/11 and 1944/12 from Box)

    Start a conversation with me with what months you are interested in.
  6. Sailormannn

    Sailormannn Member

    Hi there. Oct 44 would be great. I think you sent me Sept earlier. What’s up with Nov & Dec. Are these available at LAC or missing.
  7. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member


    Yes November and December were not in the box for Volume 15061. I still have your email. I will send you a link to download October 1944.
  8. Sailormannn

    Sailormannn Member

    Great. Thx.
  9. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member

    I just sent you an email to download October 1944.
  10. Frederick L. Bradbury

    Frederick L. Bradbury Horace Frederick Bradbury (Dieppe Veteran)

    Dryan67; Regarding War Diaries available?
    Horace Frederick Bradbury (Essex Scottish Regiment) Service #A22078 was reported On 1942 Dieppe Raid Casualty List
    Could you please send me first and foremost the Essex Scottish Regiment War Diaries for July and August and September 1942 ? for my ancestors files
  11. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member

    I will send you a download link tomorrow for July to September 1942.
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  12. Owen0570

    Owen0570 New Member

    Hey! I was wondering if you want to sent me april 1945 war diary, would really aprieciate it!
    Kind regards
  13. Barbiegirl2272

    Barbiegirl2272 New Member

    Hi, new to this forum - found it doing a search for Essex Scottish war diaries. I’m looking for a PDF or link to download (or whatever) for:
    September 1944
    October 1944

    if anyone can help me would be very appreciated. My uncle served in the ESR & died October 2nd in Merxem Belgium (I think).
    Thanks in advance everyone!!!
  14. 17thDYRCH

    17thDYRCH Senior Member

    At the top of the home page click on "Resources". Page 6 has Heritage Canadiana War Diaries. You should be able to find the war diary for the Essex Scottish. All credit for the spreadsheet goes to Dryan67.
  15. Barbiegirl2272

    Barbiegirl2272 New Member

  16. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian Patron

    I think that may be a dead end. From what I remember the infantry regiment war diaries are not part of that collection.

    I think there SHOULD be PDFs available here: Record - Library and Archives Canada
    But there seems to be an error (files unavailable). It would probably be worth emailing an archivist at LAC and see if they can get things moving to fix it.
  17. Barbiegirl2272

    Barbiegirl2272 New Member

    Thank you
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  18. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian Patron

    Good luck!!
  19. Barbiegirl2272

    Barbiegirl2272 New Member

    I was able to get what I needed. Thanks SO much!!
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  20. mvdv84

    mvdv84 Well-Known Member

    Also looking for the war diary of September 1944 and the war diary reports from Dieppe August 19, 1942.

    Adegem Canadian War Cemetery has 3 Dieppe victims, who washed ashore in Belgium. Two from September 1944 in Belgium and Anthony McHugh was taken prisoner at Dieppe and died as a pow on April 30, 1945.

    RENNIE, JAMES | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem
    PARENT, ERNEST | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem
    TAYLOR, JAMES | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem

    RIVAIT, EDGAR EDWARD | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem
    LYTTLE, DOUGLAS SMITH | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem

    MCHUGH, ANTHONY | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem

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