Fife & Forfars and US Troops in Castlecaulfield, N.Ireland

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    My Grandfather served with the Fife and Forfars during WW2 and I know he was stationed in the Castlecaulfield area (A small village near Dungannon, Co.Tyrone). He married a local lady in 1942 and after a brief period in edinburgh after the war moved back there with her and spent the rest of his days there. My question is this, can anyone tell me when the F&F were stationed in Castlecaulfield/Dungannon and maybe for how long? As far as I know he went on to serve as a despatch rider in the Belgium area presumably post D-day. His WW2 service number was 1893454.

    I have also recently found out that American troops were also in the village. Information below is taken from the website Second World War in Northern Ireland - County Tyrone

    "The Dungannon and Castlecaulfield areas had much happening during the war.
    The American 8th Infantry Division were based at Ballynorthland Demesne as well as a Prisoner of War Camp at Dungannon Park. Sadly nothing appears to remain.
    There was much training taking place in the area with Firing Ranges being used at Dunamony Wood as well as grenade practice at Annaghmackeown.
    The various American Units which were based within this area included 1st Battalion 133rd Infantry, 34th Infantry Division.
    Some soldiers were billeted in Parkanaur Hall with officers at Castlecaulfield House while other soldiers stayed at Acheson Hall in Castlecaulfield which is shown here."

    Anyone know anythingabout either set of troops being in the area mentioned?
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    My father served with the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry during WW2. He was in Ireland for a spell around 1939/40. My mother and eldest brother was with them and stayed in digs with a Mrs Chambers. My father was 93 when he died in 2009 and I would like to learn more about the regiments movements throughout the war. I also know he stayed with a family in Belgium at sometime and any more info would be appreciated.
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    2 FFY arrived in Dungannon on 23 June 1940, to act as Divisional Cavalry Regiment for 53rd Welsh Division.

    They move to Bessbrook just before Christmas 1940, but have busses put on to take them back for Christmas parties etc. They were very popular with the locals of Dungannon!

    They appear to exercise frequently near Castlecaulfield before joining 11th Armoured Division in July 1941.

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