Football - Bastille Day - 1944

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    Football = 14th July 1944 -


    I had a quick look for a ref. to this in the SRY wardiary...

    "14th July 1944 - Remained in orchard. General re-organisation . Sqn
    Ldrs Conference in morning at which Brigadier looked in. Points
    raised at the previous days conference were discussed. Suggestions
    made for close tie up between ourselves and Air for direct Div Sp. And
    also for using a reserve Squadron for a Squadron shoot on selected
    targets. Two new officers arrived for attachment only, to accustom
    them to Field Conditions."

    But sadly it isn't in there, which is a bit of a pity. I think from
    memory the 24th L "played football" in Normandy also, though this SRY one might have been a bit more organised - i.e. given that the SRY were in on the liberation of Bayeux etc.

    Edit: There is another version of the picture here:
    Collaborators, Fighters And Refugees: 45 Fantastic Photos Of The Normandy French After D-Day - Flashbak

    With a bit of text: "For the first time since 1939, French men and women in the liberated towns and villages of Normandy were able openly to celebrate on July 14th, Bastille Day, without fear of German reprisals. In the little town of Coursoulles near the coast, where this picture was taken in July 1944, British troops played a football match against the local French team and all the towns folk turned out to watch the game. The match in progress with enthusiastic spectators crowding the touch-line. (AP Photo/Photographic News Agencies, LTD.)"


    Object description: "British troops playing football against the local team in Courseulles in France on Bastille Day, 1944."
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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    As well as the IWM stills, there's also some film, albeit, I don't think that the bits online feature the football...

    BASTILLE DAY IN BAYEUX (PART 2) [Allocated Title]


    Object description
    Further coverage of the Bastille Day celebrations in Courseulles, 1944.

    Full description
    The film begins with a brief and unexplained shot of two Sherman Firefly tanks crossing a road and thus holding up a line of trucks before setting off down a tape-marked track towards the front(?). In Bayeux, celebrating its Bastille Day for the first time in four years, war-veterans and the local police join the parade at the 1914-18 War Memorial. A Gendarme, M Goubet, is awarded the Croix de Guerre for his part in aiding the Allies on D-Day. M Mercador is also decorated. The local FFI leader, Major Gille, addresses the crowd, of whom many are British and American servicemen and press representatives; Maurice Schumann is also present. Wreaths honouring the dead of the 1st World War and of the present war are laid at the foot of the Memorial. The band plays the 'Marseillaise', during which a guard of honour consisting of Free French Commandos from No 10 (1-A) Commando is seen at attention, saluting.


    BASTILLE DAY IN BAYEUX (PART 1) [Allocated Title]

    Object description
    A procession takes place during Bayeux's celebration of Bastille Day.
    Full description
    Seen from an upper window overlooking the square before Bayeux Cathedral, a procession consisting of a guard of honour consisting of Free French Commandos, a military band, war veterans and members of the Resistance marches towards the 1914-18 War Memorial. People are also seen entering the cathedral. The marchers are joined by several military vehicles including a Fordson WOT2 truck, Ford Heavy Utility, Dodge and Dennis tipper lorries and an Austin K2 ambulance, a reminder that there is still a war on.
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    Striking to see the men in British uniforms shouldering their Enfields with the magazines up. Just looks a little off.

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