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    Dear Airborne colleagues,
    I am hoping you may be able to help.

    I read that:

    One man, Frank Kelly, a Lewisham lad captured by the Germans at Arnhem and liberated from Stalag 4B

    Now in my POW listing the only F Kelly I can find in Stalag 4B is the one below:
    Name: F Kelly
    Rank: Private
    Army Number: 3328414
    Regiment: Highland Light Infantry
    POW Number: 76160
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: IV-B
    Camp Location: Mühlberg, Elbe, Brandenburg
    Record Office: Infantry Record Office, Perth
    Record Office Number: 16

    I am hoping someone with Arnhem and Airborne knowledge can tell me that they 2 are one and the same or if not have you any further details to solve it??

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    What a coincidence - just found this on another - Herbert Lovegrove

    The outstanding Second World War Prisoner of War Escape to Russia Distinguished Conduct Medal group awarded to Private H. Lovegrove, 4th City of Aberdeen Battalion, Gordon Highlanders, who was one of 15 British prisoners to escape to Russia prior to the German invasion of that country, and suffered horrendously at the hands of his NKVD captors being accused of being a German spy, he twice had to force issues through going on hunger strike.
    The outstanding Second World War Prisoner of War Escape to Russia Distinguished Conduct Medal group

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    I'd suggest the above info is incorrect......If you refer to the Arnhem nominal roll in Red Berets and Red Crosses there is a Private F Kelly 14709611....133 PFA......He also wrote a book called Private Kelly by himself and in recent years there was an article about him in Britain at War magazine although there were some mistakes in the article......

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    I agree with Airborne Medic Frank James William Kelly was a member of 133 Parachute Field Ambulance who was captured at Arnhem and when his camp was liberated failed to rejoin his unit but stayed in Russian hands until November 1953. On his return to the UK consideration was given to charging him with being absent without leave but it was decided that he had suffered enough whilst in Russian hands, he then sought arrears of Army Pay for his time in Russia. If you're looking for his genealogical details he was born 23 Oct 1917 and lived at Waghorn Rd, Kenton, Middlesex. This was recorded as his Aunt's address (a Mrs Kemp) but it transpired that it was the address that he had lived at before enlisting and that she was just a friend, he was estranged from his parents. He enlisted on 3 Feb 1944 and was transferred to the RAMC. His service number was 14709611. His POW Number was 91609

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    Name: F J W Kelly
    Rank: Private
    Army Number: 14709611
    Regiment: Royal Army Medical Corps
    POW Number: 91609
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: XII-A
    Camp Location: Limburg, Baden-Württemberg
    Record Office: Royal Army Medical Corps and Army Dental Corps Record Office, Colet Court, Hammersmith, London, W6
    Record Office Number: 30


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