Funeral of Private Edward FOWLE, Durham Light Infantry (DLI)

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    My wife step-great uncle was a member of the Durham Light Infantry (DLI) during WW2. Edward (‘Lofty’) Fowle was captured in the summer of 1940, after the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) was forced to retreat.

    Private Edward FOWLE
    DoB: 6th January 1919
    Service #: 4692313
    Durham Light Infantry, 10th Bn.

    Stalag XXa BAB
    German POW # 11560.
    Died: 11th April 1943 (aged 24)
    CWGC: Krakow Rakowicki Cemetery, grave ref: 4.A.13

    Edward unfortunately died from meningitis while in Poland (Stalag XXa BAB). Initially he was buried locally at Cosel, Upper Silesia (according to a note on the back of the small photograph).

    Can anyone identify anyone in the group shot? (Edward 'Lofty' is the tall lad in the back row)

    The original photographs have been donated to the Durham County Record Office. Edward_Fowle_4692313.jpg Edward_Fowle-group.jpg Private Edward Fowle graveside1.jpg Private Edward Fowle graveside4.jpg Private Edward Fowle graveside8.jpg Private Edward Fowle graveside10.jpg Private Edward Fowle hearse in town2.jpg Private Edward Fowle hearse.jpg
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    Great photographs!
    Are the photographs a recent donation because they did have another (different) photograph Reference: D/DLI 7/229/1
    (Captioned ;-Photograph of the funeral of 'Lofty' Fowle of The Durham Light Infantry, at a prisoner of war camp, near Histhink, Poland, n.d. )
    Edward Fowle born Battersea, South West London 06th January 1919. Enlisted King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry on the 16th October 1939,joined 5th Holding Battalion KOYLI on the 13th February 1940, Transferred to the 10th Durham Light Infantry on the 18th April 1940, Served BEF. arriving in France 24th April 1940. Reported Missing 20th June 1940.
    Confirmed captured/ Prisoner of War 1st August 1940. Prisoner of War number 11560 `Lofty` was in both Stalag 20A and BAB40, he died as a PoW 11th April 1943. The cause of death was given as Meningitis and weakness of circulation, died at Lazaret, Cosel. Lofty was the son of Mr and Mrs Walter Edward Fowle, Acton, Middlesex he was originally buried at The Garrison Cemetery, Cosel Grave No 17, reburied Grave 4. A. 13. Krakow Radowicki Cemetery on the 7th September 1948.

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  3. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Name Fowle Edward
    Army number 4692313
    Rank Pte
    Date of birth Born Battersea, South West London 06-Jan-19.
    Age 24
    Unit King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Enl 16/10/1939, T, Posted 5th Holding Bn KOYLI 13/2/1940, Trf Durham Light Infantry 18/4/1940, Posted 10th Bn DLI. Served BEF. Posted to France 24/4/1940. Captured. Reported Missing 20/6/1940. Prisoner of War 1/8/1940. DIED as a PoW 11/4/1943.
    Platoon or other sub-unit
    Task or role
    Joined Brigade 18-Apr-40
    Prisoner of War 20A, BAB40, 11560
    Died/Killed in action 11-Apr-43
    Home address Resident of Battersea, South West London. Died of Meningitis and weakness of circulation, Lazaret, Casel. Son of Mr and Mrs Walter Edward Fowle, Acton, Middlesex. Buried Garrison Cemetery, Casel Grave No 17. Reburied Grave 4. A. 13. Krakow Radowicki Cemetery.
    Source table 10DLI

    Fowle Edward Pte 4692313 - 70 Brigade
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  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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    Here is one of the grave concentration forms confirming Kyle's information in regards Edward's re-burial at Krakow Radowicki Cemetery in September 1948. The form also contains map references for both burials.

    Attached Files:

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    We donated, in January 2014, 18 photos, a letter from another POW to Edward's farther and a copy of Edward's military service records to the Durham County Record Office. Not 100% sure if the photo they reference is one from us. We have his medals. Thanks for posting. db
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    That's him. We're lucky that his brother (my wife's step grandfather) kept a few items about him. Thanks for your post. db
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  9. dbateson

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    I too have that report. One day we will make it to Poland (we live in Canada) to visit his grave, we have his medals and service records. Thanks for the post. db
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    Blimey !
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    Hello dbateson,

    I see on the photograph ( where you can see other names on the crosses in the foreground.) that one of the other names is Private Joseph Gribben, Service number 6206452. POW number19759 1st Battalion Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment, Middlesex Regiment, from Great Harwood in Lancashire. Joe was at Stalag XXA at Thorn, Poland, and whilst there was in No 1 Company BAB 40. In March 1942 he was moved, along with others, to BAB 20 at Reigersfeld, Heydebreck, Ober Silesia, Poland, which was part of Blechhammer South. Joe was shot at Heydebreck on 27th March 1942 whilst engaging in the activities of a working party by the guard Gerfrieter Sontag. --- National Archives WO30912240 ( 598478 ) --- He was buried at Cosel, then after the war was moved to the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery at Rakowicki, Kracow.
    The reason that I state this,is to put this to you. -- Is it likely, Edward Fowle D.L.I. was at BAB 20 at Reigersfeld at the time that he died.
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    Interesting question, Alucard.

    I just took a look at the notes and documents I have. The only reference I can see to BAB 20, is in an letter written by an British Sergeant from BAB 20, Heydbrack to Edward's father in (Acton, London) November 1943. This would suggest a strong possible connection to BAB 20. I cannot read the writers name, but his POW number is 7811. He signs off as 'British Man of Confidence'. If you like I can post the letter, it does also contain the name and address of the writers sister who lived in Billingham, Co. Durham.

    Yours. db
  13. Mr Jinks

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    The only `Sergeant` with that number from the 1945 list;-
    Name: J Lunn
    Rank: Lance Serjeant
    Army Number: 4743284
    Regiment: Royal Engineers
    POW Number: 7811
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: 344
    Camp Location: Lambinowice, Poland
    Record Office: Royal Engineers Record Office, Ditchling Road, Brighton, Sussex
    Record Office Number: 9

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  14. Alucard

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    Thanks db,

    Yes, I would be most interested in seeing the letter. It does strongly suggests that he was at BAB 20 at Reigersfeld, Heydebreck, as Bau und Arbeits Battalion 20 was a sub camp of Stalag 8B / 344, and a labour camp in its own right, whereas BAB 40 at Thorn was a work detachment from Stalag XXA. Also the location of his burial would appear to confirm that he was in the Heydebreck area.
  15. dbateson

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    Here you go, the letter I was talking about. Interesting to note that Mr Jinks (Kyle) looks like he's correct with the writer being a J Lunn, of the Royal Engineers.

    Private-Edward-FOWLE-Letter dated 18 Nov 1943.jpg
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    Thanks Kyle. I think your 100% correct. Please see the letter posted this is thread. db
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    Thank you db for letting us see the letter. Notice the letter is headed Heydebreck, Germany, and not Poland -- Hitlers greater Germania.

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