German Capital Ships of the Second World War"

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  1. James S

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    Being weak I bought a copy from Amazon last week and is often their style the project four week delivery schedule was one week exactly.

    From the reviews on Amazon I knew that the book was essentially speaking was going to be a photographic history of the capital ships of the Kriegsmarine and whilst the supporting text is good it does lack detail and for a history of each ship and for details of certain design features you will have to look elsewhere.

    What do you gt for £38 odd .

    Well to start with you get a very good quality of build in the book it is a large format hard back paper quality and construction of the book is excellent nothing cheap or second rate this is one which is going to last no cheap glue spine which will break or split.
    Font size is good and the text does provide a fairly good coverage of each class of ship and a brief operational history of individual ships but as I said earlier for fine detail you will have to consult other works.

    The book divides into four parts
    1. The Battleships of the Reichsmarine and Kgm.
    2. Reconstruction of the Reichsmarine and first Battleships concepts.
    (Deutschland / Lutzow , Admiral Scheer and Admiral Graf Spee.
    3. The evolution of Battleships D and E.
    (Scharnhorst and Gneisneau).
    4The evolution of Battleships F and G.
    (Bismarck and Tirpitz).

    And in the Appendicies the carrier Graf Zeppelin.

    As you can see the light and heavy cruisers are not covered in this book

    The two authors Seigfried Beyer and Miroslaw Skwiot are both well known authors on aspects of the Kriegsmarine Skwiot recently having published a widely acclaimed book on German naval guns 1939-1945.

    For your money - RRP is £45, not cheap but Amazon's £38 is a little better but like all of us for that money you want to be getting something pretty good.
    In this case Seaforth do deliver, the photos of the ships are all very clearly reproduced and they surrender clarity and detail , from the construction , launching , service life and refits of the subject matter.
    I have seen more than my fair share of photos of Kgm capital ships and must admit that a fair few of the Deutschland Class I have seen before - quite a fw being from period postcards I have of this class, but even in this I would not be critical - had I not owned the postcards there are many photos which would be new to me.
    In general the vast majority of the photos are new to me and the text / descriptions are very useful and some thought has gone into them for a work which largely stands on the quality of the photos and the description of hem this book does provide new information and a fresh look at these ships.
    I have found no stale rehashed "seen it all before" material , for me this book has been worth buying and it adds to that which I already have.

    About 430 pages long the authors say about 100 photos per ship which given the large format of the book does work and this no doubt is reflected in the price which is in this case I feel is fair and reasonable - a smaller publishing format would simply not have worked.

    Value for money , yes I would say 8.5/10.
  2. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    Hi James.

    Are there many interior shots of the ships?


  3. TTH

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    I saw Beyer's old battleship book, he really knows his stuff. I am not surprised that this was good as well.
  4. TiredOldSoldier

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    Breyer is usually quite good, the format doesn't appeal to me as I prefer at least 50% text unless it's something really brilliant like Richard Worth's (Tiornu) Raising the Red Banner, that IMO beats Breyer's Soviet Warship development flat in term of enjoyment (and nearly in completeness despite being less than a third of the size).
  5. TiredOldSoldier

    TiredOldSoldier Senior Member

    DELETE this I wanted to post a new thread and this came out
  6. James S

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    Dave, unfortunately no interior views and sadly no close ups of optical mounts which would really have been something I would have liked.
    More text would have been good but within the descriptive captions some good info is imparted and there are some less well known views of Scharnhorst and Tirpitz.

    If I had to fault I would have to agree more by way of text.

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