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  1. steve2000

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    One more question please. Just wanted to see if anyone can confirm any information about this helmet. I thought I had posted it with some others I have from ww2 but must have missed it.

    A friend believes it is a m1916? I have had a look on google and it certainly looks the same. Any other info on the markings would be good. Sorry, the pics not great.


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  2. alberk

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    It does indeed look like a M1916. The marking suggests that it was issued between the wars. I had to look this up and can only summarize: the Reichswehr until 1932 had hand painted markings which differed depending on the state the unit belonged to, this black and white marking suggests that it was Prussian unit (as opposed to a Bavarian or Saxonian unit for example). With the Nazis taking power in 1933 the marking was changed and all units displayed the colours red white and black i.e. the colours of the former German Empire.
  3. steve2000

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    Thank you for the info, I had seen quite a few examples with the red / white / black insignia but was struggling to find one with just the black and white. Now I have some more info to go on I will do some more reading tomorrow. I had read that many of them had been painted multiple times between the wars.

    Appreciate your help!
  4. Owen

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    Found these but none like yours.


  5. steve2000

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    Thanks Owen, I have been searching and also can't find anything the same which is annoying. The closest one appears to be the Prussian one as Alberk has suggested.

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