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Discussion in 'Germany' started by Shultze, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Mostonian

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    I've sent you the Panzerlied. It's the only one I have.
  2. laufer

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    This is not what you're asking, but I've always found as perfect musical ilustration march in first movement of Shostakovich's 7th Symphony, where a banal tune is repeated, Bolero-style, a dozen times in crescendo. Supposedly representing the invading Germans and inanely 'whistled' in turn by everything from a solo flute to the whole of a very large orchestra from. Do you know it?
  3. Gerard

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    HO, I'm not sure about that particular tune but I can tell you that the Preussens Gloria was played at the end of the episode on the Fall of France. It was the tune played during the German Victory Celebrations which was the same route as taken by the Victorious French for the WWI victory parade. Talk about rubbing their faces in it!

    Is the song you were looking for HO "March to the East"?
  4. Herroberst

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    I am not familiar with March to the East. Do you have any links? Is it in german titled Drang Nach Osten?
  5. Herroberst

    Herroberst Senior Member

    I used to play drums, so I am interested in Marching music especially the songs from World At War series. I am not familiar with the piece you are describing.
  6. laufer

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    Unfortunately, I’m unable to find this „invasion theme” mp3 on the web.
  7. Herroberst

    Herroberst Senior Member

    Was that the song they played on the intro to Is Paris Burning?
  8. laufer

    laufer Senior Member

    I don't think so. Soundtrack to "Is Paris Burning" was composed by Maurice Jarre. Never mind.
  9. Herroberst

    Herroberst Senior Member

    So what was this tune used in(Movie) or were you being funny?
  10. Herroberst

    Herroberst Senior Member

    Ha, I have finally after more than two years found the title, thanks to Helmut von Moltke from Feldgrau Forum.

    Drum roll please...

    Wenn die Soldaten, Durch die Stadt marschieren

    It is the opening song for Barbarossa in the series World At War.

    1. Wenn die Soldaten
    Durch die Stadt marschieren,
    Öffnen die Mädchen
    Die Fenster und die Türen.
    Ei warum? Ei darum!
    Ei warum? Ei darum!
    Ei bloß wegen dem
    Ei bloß wegen dem

    2. Zweifarben Tücher,
    Schnauzbart und Sterne
    Herzen und küssen
    Die Mädchen so gerne.
    Ei warum? . . .

    3. Eine Flasche Rotwein
    Und ein Stückchen Braten
    Schenken die Mädchen
    Ihren Soldaten.
    Ei warum? . . .

    4. Wenn im Felde blitzen
    Bomben und Granaten,
    Weinen die Mädchen
    Um ihre Soldaten.
    Ei warum? . . .

    5. Kommen die Soldaten
    Wieder in die Heimat,
    Sind ihre Mädchen
    Alle schon verheirat'.
    Ei warum?

    Unfortunately the only copy I've found sung by Marlene Dietrich.
  11. BulgarianSoldier

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    I prefer Soviet Martch the best is Saint War or on Russian Sveshtenaq Voina
  12. von Poop

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    HO. Congratulations on finally finding this sodding song. It's been bugging me too ever since i first read your request for it.... And what do you mean 'Unfortunately'?? Nothing wrong with Marlene Dietrich.;)
  13. Herroberst

    Herroberst Senior Member

    No offense to Marlene but if you view the Barbarossa DVD of World AT War and listen to the lied you will understand the difference. I think the recording was made by a group of German Veterans after the war. Maybe in the 50s or early 60s, a high quality recording. They sung Erika, Wenn wir Marschieren, Wenn die Soldaten, Durch die Stadt Marschieren, Panzer Lied( The one used for Battle of the Bulge) and others. Great cleaning music, dishes, workshop, firearms. Well, it just was good to find the title.
  14. Drew5233

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    I had 'Panzerlied' as my ringtone on my mobile before I joined the Police...I changed it after everyone used to look at me as though I was a member of the BNP when my phone rang!

    ...... Incidently I changed it to 'Bad Boys' which seemed to go down much better at the time.

    Wondering what I should have now???? :unsure:
  15. James S

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    Theme tune from "The Battle of Britain". :)
  16. Smudger Jnr

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    Theme from "Holby City" would be appropriate in your new profession:D

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  17. Capt Bill

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    I'll send you a few
  18. WilhelmWilder

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    I'm new here, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any collections of some patriotic songs from Germany in mp3 format? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. CL1

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    welcome to the forum

    my only suggestion would be to look for a music download website or Amazon USA
  20. At Home Dad (Returning)

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    welcome Wilhelm

    'patriotic' as opposed to 'nazi'?

    Do you have any clues as to titles etc, I mean there are a fair number about on the net but it depends what sort of thing you'd want

    Panzerlied - lyrics and download Panzerlied mp3

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