German turreted emplacement.

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    Clever! - I see what you did there Owen...
    I read somewhere ages ago about these - and the 38t being surplus from the 'refurb to SPG' programme. Some fittings altered to simplify for a less maintenance environment. I'll have a think about the source.....
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    We were wondering if the turret in the Cappa photo is simply a Pz II turret or one of those purpose built for fixed emplacements ?
    Adam came up with some designations.
    Wondered what other members thought about it.
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    Reiterating my thoughts.
    Pz.II based, but maybe not quite a standard II turret. Closest to a IIb, maybe, but didn't dig out anything in a cursory look that fitted the flaps.
    Some variations of turrets were built specifically for emplacement.
    Very similar to an 'F Pz. DT4804' - upgunned Pz.II - but the flaps don't match.
    There's another II based one mentioned in Neil Short's book - DT4806 - but I couldn't find a picture of that the other day.
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    Chamberlain and Ellis say of the PzKw Ausf G /Neuer art (VK901) - 27 turrets were released for use in static emplacements.
    This turret however had no vision hatches in the sides.
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