Gestapo investigation of British Clandestine broadcasting

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    What with the boredom generated by a tedious bout of Man-flu and trying to avoid filing my tax return, instead ended up writing this brief article today on a rather depressing World War 2 episode where clandestine propaganda meets Nazi atrocities:
    (Excuse the sensationalist title but couldn't think of anything better)


    I've recently put online quite a number on documents related to British black propaganda radio stations, for those interested:

    Details on Christ the King radio station:
    Daily monitoring transcripts of Christ the King:

    Details on Gustav Siegfried Eins:
    Daily monitoring transcripts of Gustav Siegfried Eins:

    Details on Atlantik/Soldatensender Calais:
    Daily summaries of rumours put out by Atlantik/Soldatensender:

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