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    Hi Iris, my step-grandfather, Gordon Turvey, a driver with 12th Lancers, was also in K Squadron.

    K left on the 19th February 1943, 14 officers, 91 other ranks, embarking on the SS Boissevain from Glasgow, and arriving in Algiers on the 5th March. E and K squadron were disbanded in November 43.

    3 officers and 35 other ranks from K, including Gordon, were posted to the reformed H squadron, continuing through Africa and Italy, whilst the rest of the squadron returned home.

    I'm sure they would have known each other!

    Please feel free to drop me a message, I'd love to hear more of you know any details of his time with K.
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    3995894C-03CF-4038-B3F6-6E4B064EB5A0.jpeg Hello, I’m trying to see if my grandfather served with Phantom. He told me tales of riding his Norton with a sidecar, and sent me maps and ordinance charts he mentioned were at one time classified, but probably ok now.

    His name was Fred Beverly Merrick, and I believe his service number was 99717, and he at least achieve second lieutenant.

    Any help you can give would be much appreciated.
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    Sorry Diana, he is not listed in the book.

    I suggest contacting Asher Pirt. He is the author of the book and has access to other records. He is on this forum and on Twitter and has helped me in the past.

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    Hi Mac, my father William Pearson King was in Phantom. His regiment was the Royal Scots Fusiliers. He was with Lord Lovat’s 4 Commandos at Dieppe under Captain Sedgwick and under Christopher Mayhew in Egypt/ Italy. He may also have been at Alamein. Any info that you have would be very much appreciated
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    Unfortunately, there is nothing obvious listed for W.P. King.

    However, the below is a good bet due to the OP Jubilee reference;
    "Fus King (service No. (N/K)). King served in GHQ Liaison Regiment. He served in "J" Squadron. He served on Operation Jubilee."

    There are more extensive entries for Mr's Mayhew and Sedgwick if it helps ?

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    Many thanks for your swift reply and informing me that he was in J squadron.

    I found my Dad mentioned on a commando veterans website listing everyone involved in Operation Jubilee with 4 commando. He is, incorrectly, named there as Fus C King.

    I have 3 photos of my Dad with Phantom companions and their wireless kit. On the back of each photo is written, “A remembrance of Dieppe. A R H Sedgwick”. I believe the photos were taken during training at Weymouth rather than during the raid.

    I would be interested in any info that you have about Christopher Mayhew’s service in Egypt and Italy. I have a copy of his autobiography but it has little about his WW2 activities.

  7. mac657

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    No problem Bob.

    Info re. Mr Mayhew from Asher Pirts 'Nominal roll with short biographies' below;
    "Capt. C P Mayhew (service No. 149091) Christopher Paget Mayhew was born on 12 June 1915. He was educated at Haileybury College and Christ Church college Oxford. Mayhew joined the Army as a Gunner in the Surrey Yeomanry (Royal Artillery). He was in the British Expeditionary Force between September 1939 and May 1940. On 14 September 1940 Mayhew was commissioned into the Intelligence corps. He served in GHQ Liaison Regiment. On 27 July 1942, Lieut. C P Mayhew was posted to "J" Squadron. Mayhew received a Mention in Despatches in 1944. He was entitled to the 1939-45 star, the France and Germany star and the 1939-45 War Medal. Following the war, he returned his career as a Labour MP. Christopher Mayhew died on 7 January 1997".

    I also find this interesting as my Great Uncle , George V Haylock was also with J Sqn.

    I'll post info re. Mr Sedgwick when I can.

    I would also love to see the pics you have if you are willing to post.

    All the best , Mac.
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