graduation course 84 no3 school winnipeg wireless air gunner 1944

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    Can anybody advise how to get information or how I can access records. The school closed in 1944. Perhaps no 84 course was the last? I am speculating here.

    My father RAAF Reg Taylor graduated from this course before going to Bomber Command.

    This is according to Dad's service records. Sadly, Dad didn't leave any personal records. Just for my personal family research am I seeking information.

    My Dad loved Canada and spoke about his time there with great happiness. By the time Dad was posted to 61 squadron, it was the last months of the war.

    He described the flights he crewed as with 460 squadron on operation manna. But there s no record. As these flights were not bombing flights as only the pilots names were recorded
    .He was also involved in flights to the North Sea and to Norway.
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    Hello and welcome
    If you gave your fathers name i am sure forum members would assist you

  3. Lesley M Taylor

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    Hello Clive,

    I did say my Dad's name was Reg Taylor. His miiddle name was Gordon. All I have is Dad's oral record and his medals. I am collating what I can to leave this record for his Gt. Grandsons. Thank you. Kind regards

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    I’ve found the ORB for No.3 Wireless School but they only seem to refer to odd numbered courses.

    Course 83 began 29 November 1943 and graduated 14 June 1944.

    Course 85 began 3 January 1944 and graduated 13 July 1944.
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    This is really interesting. In Dad's service records it states no 84 course, however, in the front of a little address book of Dad's. he has written his address
    As R>G>Taylor
    83 Sqn
    3 wireless

    So do you think that possibly this is the answer?

    If so. is it possible to check for his graduation? It would be great to obtain some documentation. Thank you so much for your assistance.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Lesley,

    The "3 wireless" your dad refers to was No. 3 Wireless School, housed in the buildings of the Manitoba School for the Deaf. I can have a look later to see if a class photo made it into the local newspaper(s) as they often did. However, I have yet to see a class photo in the papers where all shown are identified.

    Not surprisingly, there were two Reginald Gordon Taylors who served in the RAAF. I'm going with the guy from Gympie, QLD born 3 September 1923. Service number 435672. Anyway, his records show he was at No. 3 WS from 19 Nov 1943 until 1 July 1944, then off to No. 2 Bombing and Gunnery School in Mossbank, Saskatchewan until 23 August 1944 when he was sent to No. 1 "Y" Depot in Lachine, Quebec and on to a boat to the UK.

    I see his service on No. 61 Squadron is from 23 April, 1945 until 1 June 1945. I'm looking at the No. 460 Squadron ORB and whomever told you only the pilots names were recorded was incorrect. I've attached links to all the pages which pertain to Manna.



    No. 460 Squadron "Manna" Ops April 1945

    Digital Item Page Gallery
    Digital Item Page Gallery
    Digital Item Page Gallery
    Digital Item Page Gallery
    Digital Item Page Gallery

    No. 460 Squadron "Manna" Ops May 1945
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    Hi Dave,

    I have just written you a long reply and I had it in the wrong format and I will have to do t again.

    I am just letting you know.

    I am overwhelmed with what you have found and I am about to delve in.

    I want to upload two pics, so I will have a go at that now and respond to what you have researched.

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    Hi Lesley,

    If you haven't run across it there is a searchable PDF of No. 3 Wireless Training School ORB which I'll attached here. On the following page is a list of WAG Mags that can be downloaded. The December 1943 edition has a short amusing piece on the arrival of 83 Squadron to the base. Unfortunately no WAG Mags for 1944 found so far.

    Winnipeg W.A.G. Station Magazine ~ Tuxedo, Manitoba

    Regards ...

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    Mystery solved Lesley. Now that I have seen Reginald’s service record it is clear that he was one of the 106 graduates of the 83rd course, No.3 Wireless School and one of the 24 graduates that went onto No.2 Bombing and Gunnery School. There he joined their 84th W.A.G. course, which began 3 July 1944, graduating 11 August 1944.

    I don’t mean to be a pedant but note that the WAG Mags consistently put Squadron before the number, presumably to distinguish the course cohorts from operational squadrons.

    There is an interesting turnover in aircraft types held by 3WS, many unfamiliar to me. The Fleet Fort is quite striking:

    Aircraft Details - Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
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