Gunner Harry Brown No 923527. 135 Field regiment Royal Artillery

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    Hi guys

    I wonder if you can tell me about my uncle: Gunner Harry Brown No 923527 135th (Herts Yeomanry) Field regt Royal Artillery, who died 9th April 1945 aged 24, of wounds, and is buried/commemorated in the Kranji War Cemetery in Singapore.

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    Thank you
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    All I have are his basic POW details. Captured at the fall of Singapore and died April 1945. Thanks for your message on my profile Liam, sorry I can't help you more.


    Brown H.  2.jpg
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    Having slaved on the Railroad of Death, Harry had then been returned to River Valley Camp in Singapore. On 02/02/1945 he was herded into a hellship for transfer to Saigon, Vietnam.
    I believe his date of death of April 9th 1945 corresponds with the allied bombing of a train carrying POWs, resulting in many deaths. He was reburied in Kranji in 1954.
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    Thanks enigma

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