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  1. matteo00

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    Somebody has the war diaries of Hampshire for september 1943?
  2. dryan67

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    Are you looking for war diaries for the Hampshire Regiment? What battalion?

    The Hampshire Regiment had the following battalions during the Second World War. The locations shown are for September 3rd, 1939 or on the date of formation.

    Regular Stations
    1st Battalion: El Daba, Egypt
    2nd Battalion: Aldershot
    Territorial Army Battalions Converted to Other Services before the War
    6th (Duke of Connaught’s Own) Battalion
    59th Anti-Tank Regiment, RA (233rd-236th Btys) - 28 November 1938 – Connaught Drill Hall, Portsmouth
    69th Anti-Tank Regiment, RA (273rd-276th Btys) - June 1939 - Gosport
    8th (Isle of Wight Rifles, “Princess Beatrice’s”) Battalion
    The Princess Beatrices’s (Isle of Wight Rifles) Heavy Brigade, RA (189th-190th Btys) - Newport
    9th (Cyclists) Battalion
    Disbanded 24-31 March 1919. Disembodied 5 February 1920 and not reformed.
    1st Line Territorial Army
    1st/4th Battalion: Newburgh House, Winchester
    5th Battalion: 32, Carlton Place, Southampton
    2nd Line Territorial Army
    2nd/4th Battalion: Aldershot
    7th Battalion: Bournemouth
    National Defence Companies
    8th (Home Defence) Battalion: 2 November 1939 on Isle of Wight from 82nd Group NDC
    2nd/8th (Home Defence) Battalion: 26 September 1940 at Southampton
    50th (Holding) Battalion: 4 June 1940 at Golden Hill Fort, Freshwater, Isle of Wight
    9th Battalion: 4 July 1940 at Parkhurst, Isle of Wight
    10th Battalion: 4 July 1940 at Aldershot
    11th (Royal Militia of the Isle of Jersey) Battalion: 28 June 1940 at Freshwater, Isle of Wight
    Young Soldiers
    70th (Young Soldiers) Battalion: 26 September 1940 at Southampton
  3. matteo00

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    the 5th, 2nd and 1st Battalion. The landings at Salerno in short, and the subsequent battles on the hills near the beaches.
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    Ehi Matteo finalmente ci vediamo...vedo che stai a fare un bel lavoro, bravo. a noi di salerno 1943 veramente ci servirebbero i diari degli Hampsire
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    hey, prova a scrivere in inglese però dai, sennò qua non capiscono. sto facendo del mio meglio. Sorry because he speaks english not well, Matteo in salerno is a very common name :)
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    Here is the chapter on the Hampshire Regiment at Salerno from the regimental history: Daniell, David Scott. The Royal Hampshire Regiment Volume III. Aldershot: Gale and Polden, 1955.

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    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have the war diary/information on the 5th Battalion Hampshire Regiment around 4th November 1944. Looking for the actions of 5th Btn actions upon research for Private Thomas William Griffin, 5257738, who died on 4th November 1944 and is buried at Meldola War Cemetery.



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