Harry Hopkins

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    BBC Radio 4 - Great Lives, Jonathan Dimbleby on Harry Hopkins.

    Jonathan Dimbleby on Harry Hopkins.
    Great Lives
    On May 10 1940, the Germans invaded the Low Countries, Winston Churchill became prime minister, and Harry Hopkins moved in to the White House. This remarkable man was President Roosevelt's closest confidante until the end of the war. A principal architect of the New Deal, he was the president's first envoy to meet Churchill and was sent off to meet Stalin too. But what also impresses his nominator, Jonathan Dimbleby, is his courage - Harry Hopkins had stomach cancer and died in 1946.
    Features biographer David Roll, author of The Hopkins Touch, plus impressive archive of Hopkins on the BBC.
    Presented by Matthew Parris
    Produced in Bristol by Miles Warde
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    We even named a tank after him
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    Caught the last half of it when driving up the motorway.
    Worth a listen.

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