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    Hello! I just joined the site today after recommendation from a work friend.

    I'm trying to do some research on behalf of my father into his own grandfather, who died during WW2. I have the following documents attached from the CWGC site, but I am struggling to find out if I can use that information to find out more information about him: particularly when he joined up, how he became assigned as a rifleman in the Cameronians, who they were, and what that experience might have been like? I also have an incredible letter from his Captain but not enough in that to use as a lead.

    Might anybody happen to have insight? Happy to be pointed in the direction of any further reading on this - my military research skills are pretty new (poor) and I'm going to have to learn the ropes considering there's a WW1 grandfather in the mix who needs investigating too.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum Carianne.

    Don't worry about where to start researching -we were all novices once:). There are a lot of members on here who are pretty clued up and I am sure they will be along soon to help.

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    You certainly can - apply for his service records that are only available from the MOD - link to forms is Request records of deceased service personnel
    As he died in service you will not need a copy of his death certificate but instead include a copy of the CWGC certificate you have above (12.52.14.png)

    Just download a copy of the certificate from the CWGC page for him or print off the copy if you have saved one
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    His service number indicates he was originally assigned into - General Service Corps 14200001 - 15000000
    General Service Corps - Wikipedia
    So at some time he was transferred to the Cameronians, his service records will detail that.
    The Cameronians Scottish Rifles - Regimental Museum and History

    The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) | National Army Museum (nam.ac.uk)

    9th Batt. CAMERONIANS - DRIVE ON CAEN D + 20 EPSOM (weebly.com)

    Cameronian Battalions in WW2 – A McCreath Miscellany (mccreathfamily.scot)


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  6. Carianne

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    Thanks Lesley, that's very kind and motivating!
  7. Carianne

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    Amazing, thank you very much - I will get to work! Out of curiosity, what sort of things do the service records help you find out?
  8. Carianne

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    Thank you Robert! This is so informative, lots of lunch time reading.
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  9. Carianne

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    Incredible, thanks so much! So fascinating, and it also includes details from the mission on the day he died. My dad will be really interested in this.
  10. 4jonboy

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    Hi Carianne.
    Take a look at my dad's service records -they do contain a lot of information. But beware -not all records are the same, some contain less info than others. Also for some reason, the MOD seem to be redacting some of the content in the records, don't know why.
    Ernest Illingworth, Army Records | WW2Talk

    See this thread and the posts from October, this will explain about problems with service records

    Service Records application - MOD response timescale

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