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    I've seen documents and websites with the GOC of this division as Eveleigh and Evelegh......

    Any thoughts which is correct????
  2. Owen

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    Divisional history says EVELEGH

    few London Gazette hits for EVELEGH 15272

    Search Results

    picture here
    Biography of Major-General Vyvyan Evelegh

    The Commander of the 1st Army, Lieutenant General K A N Anderson, CB, MC, (right) during a visit to a forward divisional headquarters on the Tunisian front. Brigadier C B McNabb is on the left along with Major General V Evelegh.

    DSO on TNA website.
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    Name: Evelegh, Vyvyan (CB, OBE)
    Number: 15272
    Rank: Temporary Major General
    Regiment: HQ 78 Division, The Duke Of Cornwall's Light Infantry
    Award: Distinguished Service Order
    Theatre Of War: Italy

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