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    A friend has just shown me a picture frame containing an enamelled badge, armband and hat band (?) found in Himmler’s possession when he was caught by the allies.

    It belonged to the friend’s grandfather from Norfolk who was a collector of allsorts.

    The item was bought by the grandfather from a gentleman who was in the Navy.

    A note in the frame says:

    These items were given to me by a member of our naval staff. They were in articles in Himmler’s possession at the time of his suicide.
    Warrant Officer Class 1
    J A Melville
    Armament Articifer

    The latter data is not the date as my friend’s grandfather died before then. Equally, the framing was not done in 1945 – there is a decimal price pencilled on the wooden frame at the back.

    There is a cut out in the back of the frame to display a label on the back of the armband – showing maybe a stock code or something – 22748.

    Has anyone the slightest idea whether anyone could value or validate this item. Several auction houses have been contacted but no interest it seems.

    Many thanks in anticipation
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    Himmler memorabilia ?

    Yuk !!!!!!

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    I totally agree with your sentiment Ron, although it would seem sinister characters of history do command an interest and do fetch a healthy price at auction or to the right collector. I suppose history is history not matter of its conotation.If times gone by had been full of good guys, forums like this would never exist because the events that make this site so unique would never of happen.There is always and antagonist and a protagonist, a right and a wrong, there would be nothing worth telling otherwise.History isn't one man's to make there has to be a conflict of some sort to make it worthy of putting pen to paper.

    I was recently at an auction that produced several of Kray brothers paintings and poems for sale and they made thousands just because of the name associated with them.In truth the actual pieces could of been written or painted by my 13 year old son,but the notoriety of the pair made them very salable under the social history banner.Like it or not these types of characters all form part of the Ying and Yang of life and history.
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    If times gone by had been full of good guys, forums like this would never exist because the events that make this site so unique would never of happen.

    In that case I'd prefer not to have forums like this and have the world pass without murderous wars like the one that is the forum's object.
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    A more sinister and dangerous man was Heydrich , he was if anything the power behind Himmler's throne.

    I recall reading that his son had great difficulty in obtaining employment in keeping with his qualifications simply because of his father's name and what he had done , the poor lad himself was a child a victim of who his father was.

    Himmler - I cannot think that he had any redeeming features a loathsome individual - part of the Ying and Yank of life - people like him exist today and potentially could again get the opportunity to influence history in the way Himmler did.
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    BBC news article - 23rd May 2020 - How a fake stamp led to Heinrich Himmler's capture


    "A document vital to the capture of top Nazi Heinrich Himmler has been unearthed in the UK 75 years after his death. The items belonging to the SS leader, found in the possessions of a judge, are now due to go on display.
    On 22 May 1945, a trio of odd-looking men were spotted by a patrol near a checkpoint in Bremervörde, northern Germany.
    It was just a few weeks after World War Two had ended but many Nazis were still at large and there were fears some may try and regroup or escape.
    Two of the men, wearing smart long green overcoats, were walking ahead of a third man. The trailing figure, sporting an eye patch, looked broken and dishevelled. The pair in front kept glancing back as if to make sure he was still there.
    They were taken to a checkpoint where British soldiers asked to see their papers. They handed over the A4-sized identity document German soldiers were given at the end of the conflict which listed their name, rank, date of birth and other information. The third man's papers said he was a sergeant named Heinrich Hizinger.
    He must have hoped that the document and his lowly rank would mean he would pass through checkpoints. He was wrong.
    On the document was an official stamp and British military intelligence had seen the same stamp and unit details being used by members of the SS who had been trying to flee. And so word had gone out that anyone else with those details was to be detained." Etc...

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    Himmler memorabilia?? Really that?

    I know a nice, proper place for them...a devoted Nazi shrine already full of similar stuff like „Mein Kampf“, SA-daggers, medals and the like.
    By it´s nature it´s somewhat hidden and unknown to the uninitiated. But I think I may trust the forum members:

    It´s the cesspool behind my neighbours pig farm
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    The father of a family friend was in the security section that arrested Himmler in 1945. I have read his service record and cross checked it with the evidence about the His signature, AA Smith, is on the arrest report.
    The BBC copvered the story of his arrest here
    Heinrich Himmler: How a fake stamp led to the Nazi SS leader's capture

    Forgive my skepticism, but I have some questions about the provenance of the items in the OP>

    1. Why would Himmler be carrying these incriminating objects whilst on the run? If he took the trouble to disguise his appearance and obtain false papers, hiding the the memorabilia might be a bit of a giveaway.

    2. The men who arrested him were NCOs from 45 Security Section of 30th Corps at a bridge inland at Bremervorde. So what was the link to the member of the naval staff who vouched for their provenance?

    3. The name we have is J A Melville, a warrant officer in a trade with access to workshops, who have traditionally run craft businesses in wartime turning out souvenirs. After the Falkland war our own (Army) Artificer section ran a business turning shell cases to ash trays - every one from "a round fired at the Argies."

    Are we not looking at an example of early example of historic fake Nazi memorabilia?
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    Arrest of Himmler from a forum discussion a number of years ago....still interesting

    Arrest oF H Himmler

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