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    I have a great Uncle who served in The Black Watch (RHR), I know he served from '41-45, he was also taken as POW. Im trying to find the movements of his group, tho I dont know a whole lot about it

    His name is Marvy Blake, a Lance Corporal, was taken POW 08/10/44 and held at Stalag XIb

    if anyone has some extra info somewhere, be a great help, I just want to know his story, he passed Xmas Day 2004

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    You need to apply for his service records.

    In the third image where he is wearing a kilt, I think he is wearing the uniform of the Seaforth Highlanders going off the sporran badge and tartan.

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    Stalag XIB was located at Fallingbostal, Germany.

    Liberated 16 April 1945 by B Squadron, 11th Hussars. Rather well known photo of POWs ready to tear the gates off when the Hussars arrived.

    Four days after your great uncle arrived at XIB, a Sgt Hollingsworth was shot and killed. Story is here.

    Just realized you're about to "meet" RSM J.C. Lord who was the senior British NCO at the camp.


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    Yes that photo is dated 47' he went to the Pacific, I was told Malaysia or Singapore, but not really sure....in WW2 he was definitely in the RHR
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    I have a post war photo of my great uncle, Marvy Blake of Kingsbury, Quebec, Canada, seen in the photo, he served with the Black Watch from 41-45

    I was told he was in the Pacific, and the photo I was told was from 47-48 (maybe they got the date wrong)

    I was told he looks as if he's wearing Seaforth kilt, but I was told no Canadian Seaforths were stationed in the Pacific, I was told he was stationed there (but not for how long)

    I have recently heard of the Malayan conflict, but I dont know if he went from a Canadian Army to British

    I am trying to get his records but until I can, anyone have any ideas?

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    To add, He got married in Britain in 1955, then returned to Canada, this is where I am only assuming he joined British after WW2, and the Malayan conflict fits in between, if that is the case
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    You should apply for his service records; these will go a long way to answering most of, if not all, your questions. To apply, go to this page and have a read: Requests for Military Service Files - Library and Archives Canada (bac-lac.gc.ca). There is a long wait on receipt, the last I read a notice about this, it could take up to two years. Another forum which may be able to assist is wartimes.ca. While some members there, including myself, are members there, they can help.

    Also try contacting the Legion branch closest to his place of residence, Marvy may have been a member there, and if not there, they may be able to help direct you to his branch. Also contact the Seaforth's Museum, again, they may have information that can help you with your questions, possibly a nominal roll with your great-uncle's details.

    I hope that helps. Good luck with your research.

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  9. JagerDman

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    Guess I'll try there, was curious if anyone around had something, guess I'll know I a few years
  10. CL1

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    please listen to the advice given it is great advice and your only way of finding info about him

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    Might want to get an admin to edit the thread title to make clear you are looking for RHR of Canada to attract the attention of Canadian researchers like Temujin.

    Possibly him in Battalion Orders for July 44 when they moved from the UK to France (p. 9 of the PDF). With additional research on names, you might be able to infer which Coy that was:
    Royal Highland Regiment of Canada (Black Watch) - WARTIMES.ca
    Appears the end of that doc is just starting to report casualties from Verrieres Ridge 25 July, he'd have been lucky to come through unscathed.

    Another nominal roll for the move from Canada to the UK in 1940 here:
    1st Bn, Black Watch of Canada (RHR) - Nominal Roll - WARTIMES.ca
    Don't see him, but worth a closer look.

    If you're interested in expediting his file, I can recommend an Ottawa researcher who can typically get a file in weeks (not clear on his current access to LAC) for a fee. Others here will vouch for him as well. PM me for details.
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    If you are a Canadian citizen, you can make use of Canada's Access to Information and Privacy Act. You pay $5.00 and in normal times you would get what you asked for within 30 days.

    One of the 15 requests I sent in to the LAC early January, one entire file came back on Friday and the second today. So, 3.5 months. Still a lot better than two years.


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    Thanks for the replies, you've all given me a bit more info to what I'm looking for
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    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: M Blake
    Rank: L/Cpl.
    Army Number: D83022
    Regiment: Bk. Watch
    POW Number: 119124
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: 11B
    Camp Location: Fallingbostel, Germany
    Section: Canadian Army: Officers and Other Ranks

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    Dave, do you have a link to initiate the ATIP process? I have little doubt that's what my researcher is using, but as far as I know the process has never been made obvious.

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