How many troops in a British Armoured Brigade in 1941?

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    Looking at convoy WS10X which took my Dad (RAOC) to Egypt in Aug. 1941, its often said that it took 22nd AB to Suez, with no mention of other formations, 3 troopships were in the convoy carrying aprox. 10, 000 troops.

    My question is, did these 10, 000 troops constitute the full compliment of an Armoured Brigade?
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    It's far more. A regiment had about 550 men. So between three regiments that gives you 1,650. Add an HQ and Brigade elements, maybe another 1-2,000, given that the Brigade did not have an organic motor battalion or artillery. So the 10,000 would comprise further units.

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    Thanks for that, wonder what other units went, they never seem to get a mention.
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    Thats a great resource Clanky will bookmark it and study it in more detail later in the week, Thanks
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    Clanky -
    There is a great tendency to look on the establishments of various formations as being gospel - but this is not usually the case in wartime as much extra equipment - and even personnel are somehow "added " to the strength of some

    units - depending on needs etc... so a good rule of thumb therefore would be an Armoured - and Assault Bde would be around 2,500 personnel - and an Infantry Bde would be just a bit more at 2700 - 3000 personnel - and it could be

    guaranteed that when the Inspector was announced to visit - the EXTRAS would be hidden away in the next village - and a big fat lunch was organised to ensure a favourable report - we weren't called old sweats for nothing as a simple

    example while awaiting demob some of us were detailed - along with many young soldiers - to dig out a snowbound train at Kirkby Stephen - so we quickly and efficiently packed a pick up with extra clothing - extra food - vacuums of tea - little

    bottle of rum etc - drove the 30 miles - and guess what - we had somehow forgotten the shovels .....! The inspectors were also old sweats and very careful to announce the date and time of their visits... didn't pay to be stupid !

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