Identify German Armored Car

Discussion in 'Armoured' started by Dave55, May 10, 2021.

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    Anyone know what this is?



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    It’s actually a French Panhard 178, of which large numbers were captured in 1940 and subsequently used by the Germans.
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    These were actually quite serviceable vehicles, but they were overtaxed by the extreme conditions in the SU: The Wehrmacht lost 107 out of 190 in 1941.
    From 1943 onwards, the last examples were only used for rear services, some of them were converted into panzer railcars.
    The Panhards in Dave's pictures were probably taken sometime between 1940 and early 1942, because after that they started to camouflage vehicles with all kinds of colours - especially scout cars and the like.
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    Here's the clip from which Dave extracted the stills to start this thread:

    Panhards shown from 13:10 to 16:44.
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    After my earlier mischief, I knew I’d seen a looky-likey somewhere:

    History on Wheels Museum

    Hubert, as driven by Clarence (Klarenz?), was it?
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