Info on 310735 Herbert James (Jim) THORNCROFT, 3rd Hussars: 02/11/1942, Alamein

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    Hi there, i am looking for any info on my grandfather, who served in 3rd Hussars from end of May 42 to 2nd November (KIA). He was a tank driver (i think), and joined 3H from RWY. He was a professional solider prior to WW2, and i think 3H were looking for some experienced hands when he moved over from RWY. He served in 17/21st Lancers from 1924. I am really interested to know about which squadron he was in, any info on who his mates might be, and any pics. I have been investigating for a while, and have his service record and have requested tracer card from Bovington. Any advice on other corridors to explore very welcome.
    Service Number: 310735

    Regiment & Unit: 3rd King's Own Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps
    Date of Death: 02 November 1942
    Age 35 years old
    Buried or commemorated at EL ALAMEIN WAR CEMETERY
    Grave Reference: XXIII. D. 16.
    Location: Egypt
    Additional Info: Son of Frank and Caroline Thorncroft; husband of Edith Kate Thorncroft, of East Cholderton, Hampshire.
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    He was actually in 16/5th Lancers previously, not 17/21st...
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    Welcome aboard,

    He has not appeared here before, when checking his service number and name.

    The unit he was with he died in full is: 3rd King's Own Hussars. When searching online with: "3rd King's Own Hussars" many threads appear, some refer to events before his death and afterwards. I have not read any of them.

    It is possible he appears in their War Diary, only sadly a mention I expect.

    See: 3rd The Kings Own Hussars | WW2 Unit information Which has potted histories, notably 3rd The Kings Own Hussars | WW2 Unit information

    Note it appears that Drew 5233 has all their War Diaries (see Post 9) and once you have posted x5 you can use the message facility here, 'Start a Conversation' in your or his Avatar.

    It could pay dividends if you check the CWGC for deaths for the regiment in and around 2/11/1942. Plus it will give you the context for his death and I note they were mauled when supporting the New Zealanders and were withdrawn.

    They were part of the 7th (till early 1942) and 9th Armoured Brigades in North Africa; with the 9th for El Alamein and a grim time it was:
    From: 9th Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia

    Which unit is the RWY?

    As a long service soldier pre-WW2 have you tried the regimental journals of the other two regiments? he may appear in them, e.g. in sports etc.
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    hi there, thanks for being in touch, i know you have helped some others in the past looking into what their relatives were doing in 3H. I have found out a lot about Jim, but his service in 3H is largely a blank. Which is frustrating.
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    One source told me he was in the tank with Major Everleigh in B Squadron, but Everleigh's son, told me that was not so.
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    Thanks to FMP-Royal Tank Corps Enlistment Records, 1919-1934


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    Also FMP
    British Army Casualty Lists 1939-1945
    Royal Armoured Corps

    [Herbert J Thorncroft in 1942
    The Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons) Rac, 3rd The King's Own Hussars Rac
    J Lance-Corporal]

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    That's interesting, i saw the FMP report before - is that the Tracer record which Bovington are offering to supply? It says he was in the Royal Scots Greys, which was interesting, was that the regiment he was mobilised into in Sep 39? When he left army in 31 (after 7 years), he was stationed in Edinburgh, but still apparently in the the lancers (demobilised from)? What's going on there? Also, the casualty list, never saw that before, what does the number 505 mean, several seem to have it?
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    ok, so that means he was first mentioned on CL505, before being confirmed KIA? Can i find CL 505 somewhere?
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    RWY means Royal Wilts Yeomanry, he was with them from Feb 40 to May 42, they did some truly challenging missions, got as far as Tehran to meet the Russians...
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    No, he was first mentioned in the casualty list as shown in post #7, that was for official purposes only, list 505 came later was when the information could be made public. See the link in Owen's post #9.
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    Ok thanks for that, is there anything else we can learn from the CL?
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    Details are in post #7.

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