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    Found some information on Philip George Doyne Adams:
    On the outbreak of the Second World War he immediately joined up. On the strength of his French and Arabic, he was made an Intelligence officer, given a large revolver and told to attach himself to the Australian Army clearing the Vichy French out of Lebanon. He thus found himself fighting people who, before the war, had been his friends. Some weeks later, at the age of 23, he was appointed Governor of Tyre.
    Which organization employed him? MI6?
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    Wonder if this is one of them:
    UK, Recommendations for Honours and Awards Index, 1935-1990
    Name: George Philip Doyne Adams
    Publication Date: 10 Jun 1954
    Rank: Major
    Service Number: 39260
    Regiment or Unit: Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Birthday Honours
    Award: Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
    Date of Action or Award: 1954
    URL: http://discovery.nationalarchi...

    Sir Philip George Doyne Adams
    BIRTH 17 DEC 1915
    DEATH 14 OCT 2001 • Westminster, London, England

    Philip Adams - Wikipedia

    Well thats a start
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    Tsoucas Middle East, Maroun Arab Lebanon, Adams Lebanon. Interesting!
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    Some new information about Thomas William Murray. From his service file. Supplied by Army Personnel Centre Support Division:
    • From his Officer’s Record of Service, it shows his rank on September 24, 1942 as Lieutenant Intelligence Corps.
    • The nature of his commission: “War Emergency”
    • He did remarry: Shows his wife to be
      • Mrs. Dorothy Inman Murray, 73 Eaton Avenue, Bletchley Bucks, married January 11, 1944
    • Promotions:
      • 2nd Lieutenant on June 24, 1941
      • W.S. Lieutenant on October 1, 1942
      • Temporary Rank of Captain January 2, 1946
    • Shows him in service abroad in Russia from February 7, 1942 through August 10, 1942
    • Shows him serving with the Iceland Force in Iceland from August 11, 1942 to October 17, 1942
    • Shows him with M.E.F from May 16, 1943 to January 5, 1944
    We also received his application for registration in the army officer’s emergency reserve for re-employment in or appointment to an emergency commission in his majesty’s land forces:

    • Dated July 24, 1941
    • Shows decorations in 1914 and 1915 of “Star; G.S; M.M and Victory
    • Awarded the “Defence Medal on 2/22/ 1946; also awarded the “war medal”
    • Gives as his present occupation W.T Operator M.I. 6
    • Shows him having 9 years of Sea Service
    • In the U.S worked for the New York Times and Chicago Tribune for 7 total years
    • 5 years with the U.S. Government as Intelligence Officer working with Customs (part of the US Coast Guard), the F.B. I and the Secret Service

    Nothing pertaining to his death or where he is buried. Can anyone help us out here? We know where and when he died, but have not been able to find his burial site.

    Any information about MI-6 operations in Russia, Iceland and M.E.F during WW2?
    The name Henry Loomes is mentioned in the paperwork. Any information on him?

    Thank you for your effort!


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