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Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by Derek Barton, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    The search function works pretty well for me
    I would however highlight the battery finder more prominently
  2. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    Thanks Olli, I had been thinking of moving the link to the Main top menu so I have followed your advice and done that. The Battery Finder is now on the right hand end of the top menu.
  3. Gary Kennedy

    Gary Kennedy Member

    A belated round of applause from me as well. Very good to see you have the site back up and running, and once again have the joy of checking all your hyperlinks work!

  4. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    Thanks Gary. I don't have to worry about links anymore, I have a plugin that does it for me. Any broken links and it lets me know.
  5. SteveDee

    SteveDee Well-Known Member

    You have done a great job with your RA website Derek, its a good resource.

    Can I just query something concerning the 59th HAA RA; from my notes, I understand that they came under 52nd AA Brigade around mid-September 1943 (see my notes: Sergeant ACK-ACK: Italy).

    I think your notes indicate they were under the 22nd AAB during October '43.
    Maybe the 52nd AAB association was just prior to leaving North Africa?
  6. Staffsyeoman

    Staffsyeoman Member

    Deep joy. Welcome back - it's been (very) missed.
  7. Reid

    Reid Historian & Architectural Photographer

    Wonderful news! I really missed your site - so glad it's back. :)
  8. High Wood

    High Wood Well-Known Member

    Is this website still active as I cannot get it to scroll down past the top quarter of each page?
  9. Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis Member

    It's working OK for me.
  10. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Working well on my laptop.
  11. Andreas

    Andreas Working on two books

    Works very well Derek, within the limitations of Wordpress (tell me about it...). Can you tell me what you use to create the tables? That's a problem I haven't been able to solve.

    All the best

  12. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    Thanks Andreas. Tables are done using the Advancd Table function & setting the background & border colours as required. Where I need to use several tables together I line them up by using the Colums Manager first for the layout & then add the tables as required. I sometimes make use of the Spacer block when I need to line things up across columns.
    If there is any specific problem you have I will try & help if I can.
  13. Andreas

    Andreas Working on two books

    Thanks Derek, I presume you are using the full Wordpress package, and not just the browser-based blog?

    All the best

  14. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    Andreas, I am indeed as my site is based on pages and not posts.
  15. Andreas

    Andreas Working on two books

    Thanks Derek, that makes sense, given the complexity of your site. Unfortunately that's a step too far for my IT skills, and in any case my site has now grown to a point where moving it over would be a project in its own right.

    Thanks again for the offer to help!

    All the best

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  16. John58th

    John58th Member

    Hi Derick, Great site, so easy to follow especially to someone like myself with not a lot of knowledge of the RA organisations. Thanks. And, maybe you can help me with one questions I have for you.
    . In a 1941 post Dunkirk photo I have when my fathers Regt, 58th (Sussex) Field Regt, was re-equipping I have a photo of his Troop titled, "Don Troop" 230 (Hastings) Battery", with a complement of 54 personnel. However, I also have a photo, of only 5 individuals, one of whom is my father, and that is titled "A Sub". Any thoughts or ideas on what the "A Sub" would indicate that would help me narrow down just where in the Troop my father would have fitted. His Army records for the time give him a rank of L/Bdr Driver/Mechanic. Thanks JH
  17. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian Patron

    Hi John, it occurs to me that "sub" might mean "sub-section". I'm not sure where the site describes them, but troops could be divided formally into sections and sub-sections. (2 and 1 guns respectively, maybe...???)
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  18. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    Hi John, Chris is quite correct, it is a sub-section. As you have already worked out, Batteries are split into Troops. Troops are then split into Sections, each of 2 guns and any associated vehicles such as the gun tractor or an ammo carrier for each gun. So with 2 guns in a Section each becomes a Sub-Section, more commonly known as a sub or gun sub.
    Very confusing all this Artillery stuff and I have been planning for a while to add a section to my site to explain all about the "Black Art of Gunnery". I want to try and explain about things like gun subs and gun numbers (crew - except we call them a detachment) and so on. Nothing firm yet except the intention to produce this section soon. I'll report here when ti is done.
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  19. John58th

    John58th Member

    Thanks everyone for your replies. It is so interesting finding out about how my father went through WW2. I, probably like many other, just wish I had asked those questions when he was alive. Great site, and will be looking out for your updates Derek. Thanks JH
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  20. antoon

    antoon Junior Member


    I am looking for information about the "No. 1 Artillery Range Detachment Lommel", better known as "Lommel Artillery Range". This firing-range was in use from January 1945 till November 1945 northwest of the Belgium city LOMMEL and was firing to the north on Dutch territory. The Grid-refence (I assume for the entrance)was vK.2798.

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