IWM List September 2020 Disposals Approved At The Meeting

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  1. papiermache

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    Board minute 2020-09 Appendix

    See Minutes here: https://www.iwm.org.uk/sites/default/files/files/2021-04/2020-09 Board minutes.pdf

    So far the Rolls-Royce Merlin reference has disappeared from the IWM Collections page, but all the others are there.

    Other items are scheduled for destruction, including a "Polaris" missile.

    "Five Models for disposal by destruction or, potentially, by gift to another institution if they are of sufficient interest"

    MOD 737 The Battle of Taranto (diorama)

    The Battle of Taranto (diorama)

    MOD 44 WVS Clothing Depot

    WVS Clothing Depot

    MOD 55 ASR Launch (R/C) WT2507

    ASR Launch (R/C) WT2507

    MOD 935 El Alamein diorama

    El Alamein diorama

    MOD 936 Falklands diorama

    Falklands diorama

    "Four Vehicles for disposal by gift or sale, to the Accredited museum community in the first instance"

    4008.85.1 Ross Series 19HT Military Forklift Truck

    Ross Series 19HT Military Forklift Truck

    4108.46.1 Austin K6 3 ton truck with Coles Crane MkVI

    Austin K6 3 ton truck with Coles Crane MkVI

    4307.45.1 Praga RND Truck

    Praga RND Truck

    4808.80.1 Zil 131 V Tractor & Zil 157 Trailer

    Zil 131 V Tractor & Zil 157 Trailer

    "One Vehicle for disposal by destruction as it is beyond economic retention:"

    4509.35.1 Model 1911 Grosse Feld Kuche (Field Kitchen

    Model 1911 Grosse Feld Kuche (Field Kitchen)

    "Two items of Communications and Ordnance for disposal by gift or sale"

    COM 561 Giant Wurzburg Radar Equipment, GCI (Ground Control Interception), FuMG 65 Wurzburg-Riese, German (19 pieces

    Radar Equipment, GCI (Ground Control Interception), FuMG 65 Wurzburg-Riese (Giant Wurzburg), German

    ORD 140 BL 5.5 in Medium Gun Mk 3

    BL 5.5 in Medium Gun Mk 3

    "Two aircraft engines for disposal by gift or sale"

    2020.215.1 Rolls-Royce Merlin 68A

    "Your search did not match any records."

    2020.7.1 Anzani 35 HP 3 Cylinder Radial

    Anzani 35 HP 3 Cylinder Radial
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  2. von Poop

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    Can't deny I'm intrigued by the Field Kitchen.
    Kind of wonder what's designated beyond economic restoration by an institution as opposed to private restorers that are maybe more likely to take the financial/time hit.

    It's listed on the IWM site, but without an image.
    Anybody ever seen it, or an image?
    Basket case, or maybe some bones left?
  3. Andreas

    Andreas Working on two books

    Does anyone have pictures of the dioramas?

    All the best

  4. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    I find this stuff really interesting.
    Eg. On seeing the science museum reserve collection at Wroughton, you get a real sense of just how much 'stuff' a large museum can build up over the years. Shelves and shelves, shed upon shed, stuffed to the gunnels.

    Don't envy those making the decisions, as they're easily damned by a few lines of text in the report, and maybe equally damned on giving stuff away to private collectors.
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  5. papiermache

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    I have now filled in a form of enquiry found on the IWM website concerning the list of disposals, asking if they have photos of the items, especially the El Alamein diorama, and the Field Kitchen. The immediate response was:

    "Thank you for getting in touch with IWM.

    Due to the high number of enquiries we are currently receiving it is taking us longer than usual to get back to our customers. Please be assured that we will be in touch and we would ask you not to follow up on your enquiry unless you have not heard from us again in the next 28 days.

    For customers who have requested transfers, donations or a refund we will prioritise your enquiry but we would ask for your patience and understanding at this time.

    If your enquiry is non-urgent it will take us longer to respond. While we do try to answer enquiries about the museum and items in its collections if the information cannot be found online, regrettably, we do not have the resources to give individual responses to the thousands of requests for other information we receive each year. We are sorry that we cannot help with enquiries about general history, family history and objects or media not held by the museum."

    On a different point, but IWM related, I came across this item from the UK Parliament website.

    Imperial War Museum redundancies - Early Day Motions - UK Parliament

    "Motion text
    That this House notes the recent announcement of 49 redundancies across Visitor Services at the Imperial War Museum and its sister bodies; understands that jobs will be lost at numerous sites including the Churchill War Rooms, Imperial War Museums North and South and HMS Belfast; is aware that the contract for these roles has been outsourced since 2013 with a new contract awarded in January 2021 to ZE Global; is aware that ZE Global took over the Visitor Services contract in April 2021 and announced redundancies four weeks later on May 6th; is concerned that the loss of 49 posts across the estate will not only lead to a significant reduction in expertise and knowledge but will also pose a threat to the safety of those attending each institution; is aware that ZE Global and museum management have conducted a review and drawn up redundancy plans without consulting staff trade unions; and calls on Government to intervene to ensure jobs are retained across the estate and the safety of staff, visitors and exhibits is prioritised."
    Signatures (21)
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  6. JimHerriot

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    Read it and weep.

    ZE Global – Security, Communications, Life Safety & Guarding

    Their overlords likely see this as the best of outsourcing.

    The likes of me see it as the demise of public service.

    Profit more than people to the fore unfortunately.

    Kind regards, always,

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  7. RAFCommands

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    Went to RAF Stafford a few years ago to have a look at the RAF Museum reserve store.

    Curator explained that with the contraction of RAF Stations - he was being flooded with transfers of the "last armourer's bike in the RAF" and "last RAF telephone".

    Had to find room for it all.


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  8. RAFCommands

    RAFCommands Senior Member

    The rest of the store was like the final scene from Indiana Jones..

    One rack even had 4 off packed barrage balloons side by side!

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  9. Markyboy

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    I've got a few hours to kill in Londinium tomorrow so I'm going to have a stroll around the IWM. I'll keep my eyes peeled for Private Walker type spivs flogging stuff out the back.
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  10. JimHerriot

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    ZE Global will be all over you like a rash (or not as the case may be!)

    Kind regards, always,

  11. Markyboy

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    49 redundancies across their sites I believe? Fair chance i'll be in and out without seeing a staff member!
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