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    Not really, i've managed to get hold of several books about 'J' and Phantom which have shed a bit more light on their operations. As i may have mentioned here (or on another thread) i need to research the nominal roll of the British air mission in Belgium at the outbreak of the war as i firmly believe that my relative served with them - but that's another story !

    What's your interest in J service ? I may be able to do a look up for you.

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    Thanks Charley. I find it very interesting how the Army devised an alternative system of 'command & control' to supplement the established set-up. There was obviously a need for more effective comms and i find it interesting that some realised that need before others.

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    I have a couple books, too. They raise more questions than revelations. However, it's nice to read about both aspects of PHANTOM and the J Service, and the seminal ideas that flourished. It is striking that such comms was realized as a battlefield necessity. One endearing question is how PHANTOM got into or its purpose was expanded to acquiring intelligence beyond the the simple concept of cavalry movement to contact or maintaining the critical liaison role, & keeping higher HQ informed. You read so much that air-to-ground & visa versa was never realized certainly by the US & Canadian forces. A constant struggle. From these books & tales UK forces figured it out. Fast forward 50 years. The 82nd Airborne Division's Long Range Surveillance Det / 313th MI Battalion, performed most of XVIII Airborne Corps' tactical & strategic comms during DESERT SHIELD/STORM 1990/1991 Iraq for several reasons. Intel without communications is useless; whereas comms w/o intelligence is noise. So my interests delve into their training, equipment, battlefield formations, & missions. So many lessons learned during WW II, yet remain shrouded in secrecy or obscurity. Great lessons. I'm very keen to learn & here more from your research. --Ray
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    I have numerous sources and documents concerning J and Phantom. Always interested in discussing their role. All the best Asher Pirt asher.pirt@gmail.com
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    Thanks Asher, I have bought a couple of your excellent books which have been invaluable. However, I may take you up on your offer as I do still have a few blanks to fill in.


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