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    I'm looking for information regarding my dads cousin who was a Japanese pow.

    name: Donald Wilkinson
    rank: gunner el. Ftr
    army number: 1493146
    regiment: rotal artillery

    capture was (we think) feb 1942 in Singapore
    we also have a card that says camp 4 pow thailand
    we have a letter listing Malai camp too

    Any info regarding where he was, we know he worked on the Burma railway.
    He died in 1960 aged 41, a result of the dreadful treatment whilst he was a prisoner.

    any help appreciated, Ian
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    Here is a link to his details on the Cofepow database for Far East POW's:


    This at least confirms his capture date as the fall of Singapore. His presence on this database also makes it very likely that some documentation will exist for Donald at the National Archives at Kew, London. Other members of the forum have a much deeper knowledge of this subject and hopefully, will be able to add much more than me.

    Good luck going forward.

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    There are documents available on FindMyPast for Donald Wilkinson which show that he was, at the time of capture, serving with the 7th Coast Regiment, RA, and that he was recorded as being captured on 15 Feb 1942 (the date of the surrender of Singapore).

    Information on the 7th Coast Regiment can be found here:

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    1493146 Gunner D Wilkinson.
    1, Egerton Street, Stockton Heath, Warrington.

    Changi (Malai Camp) until 12/10/42, then entrained for Siam Railroad.

    There was no camp 4, it means he ended up with the men from Group 4.
    Prisoner number 2328

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