Japanese propaganda post cards, location identification needed.

Discussion in 'War Against Japan' started by High Wood, May 1, 2021.

  1. High Wood

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    I have bought several wartime Japanese post cards as some of them are I.N.A. or Thakin related. There are three of various locations that I had hoped to identify but I am struggling to do so. Not being able to read or write Japanese, I am unable to identify them from the captions. Can anyone please help me identify the locations?

    Picture one. My thoughts were that this might be either Singapore or Malaya.
    Japanese Propaganda 002.JPG
  2. High Wood

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    Picture two.

    I thought that this might show the burning oil tanks at Syriam with the burning city of Rangoon to the left, but having compared it to other known photographs, I am not sure that it is.
    Japanese Propaganda 003.JPG
  3. High Wood

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    The third photograph shows a walled city with a moat. It does not appear to be of Mandalay and there are many more walled, moated towns in south east Asia., Hue, being one example.

    Japanese Propaganda 005.JPG

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