Joe Powell Commando and Stuntman 1922-2016

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    I was sorry to hear the news Joe Powell had died on the 30th June 2016 aged 94 . He served in the Grenadier Guards before volunteering for the Commandos. He served with 4 Commando and took part in several raids. These included Operation Abercrombie, the raid on Hardelot, Operation Cauldron, the attack on the Hess Battery at Varengeville, as part of the Dieppe raid.

    On D-Day he was photographed helping carry a wounded NCO of 4 Commando

    POWELL Joe.jpg

    Joe Powell on the left

    He also saw action during Operation Infatuate at Flushing in November 1944.

    After the war he had a 40 year career as a stuntman and stunt advisor appearing in over 70 films. These included, Guns of Navarone, The Longest Day and Zulu.

    Rest In Peace Joe
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    :poppy: Joe Powell RIP :poppy:

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    An amusing incident on the set of 'The Longest Day' involving Joe and Darryl F Zanuck, courtesy of the Commando Veterans Association.

    "I chatted to him for a long time about his post-war career as a stuntman and special effects arranger in films, and found him as amusing as I found him modest. (He first apologised for his deafness, brought on by causing a great many explosions!) Having run across Pegasus Bridge himself under fire, he found it quite ironic to return there in 1962, when 'The Longest Day' was being made, to work on the film. One of his nicest stories was about the producer, Darryl F Zanuck, ordering an elderly Frenchman in a faded cardigan away from where the filming was taking place. Joe had to point out to him that elderly gentleman was, in fact, the legendary Philippe Kieffer who had led the two French troops integrated into 4 Cdo on D-Day."

    Joe Powell © Commando Veterans Association.jpg

    Joe Powell
    Benouville June 1984
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    Very sorry to hear. Joe Powell RIP :poppy:
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    :poppy: Joe Powell RIP :poppy:
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    RIP Joe. Back with dad and many more of his mates.
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    Thanks for posting - what a full and fascinating life Joe led, I'm sad that he's gone, but grateful and happy that he lived such a life.

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