June 1940, ship City of Derby, WT unit

Discussion in '1940' started by Roy Martin, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. MarkN

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    Good to see you back Roy.

    So the subject is a scalie not a matelot. Perhaps even a crab scalie.

    Being RAF is no less likely than Army. A large chunk, probably the majority of the ground element of the RAF was south of the Somme and came out through Ariel not Dynamo.

    Two of the three major RAF commands in France remained there in June. Both were in or near Nantes at the end and both would have required sigs direct to the UK.

    Moreover, looking at some of the Ariel documentation, Brest was the main RAF POD according to the plan drawn up between the RAF and Army.
  2. Roy Martin

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    Thanks Mark, but what the heck is a crab scalie?
  3. MarkN

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    Crab = RAF
    Scalie = signals
  4. Roy Martin

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    I am still learning, thanks!

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