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    Well thats odd - I posted all that earlier today, except I have saved some space on the forum by only posting the links

    I will await his service records - for the umpteenth time

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    Photo of RMS Scythia

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    WS.14 Convoy
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    I’ve gone thru the Admiralty War Dairies, and they confirm that SS Scythia was “suppose” to go on, but then it (with other ships) were recommended to be sent back at Durban.

    Also, part of WS.14 was directed to divert to Malaya as Convoy DM.2

    This “confirms” JohnH and my hypothesis that the troops on Scythia was transferred to another ship which continued on to Bombay. At Durban, WS.14 was separated into 3 Convoys, WS.14A to Aden, WS.14B to Bombay and DM.2 to Malaya

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