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    How many Panthers were lost in the battle?

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    According to Achtung Panzer( http://www.achtungpanzer.com/pz4.htm ), the first 250 production models were ordered for delivery by 12 May, in time for the battle. Of these, only 43 were in service on 10 August. However, this does not mean that 207 were "lost", as many would have been recovered for repair and many had broken down during the battle, due to gearbox problems.

    You always have to be careful though with the OOB and losses of both sides during this battle. There is no generally agreed, precise set of figures and the records are far from complete.

    Kirst was the first operational use of the Pzkw V (the Panther) and some units or parts of units missed the battle because they were away being re-equipped with them at the time.
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    Was also the first Major action involving the Tiger 1 tank on the eastern front,
    there were never more than 100 tiger tanks operating at one time on the eastern front, and later on after D-day on the western front, again no more than 100 tigers
    were in action.

    A good job that they never came through in enough numbers to make the impact that the germans would have liked.

    Approx 1,500 Tiger 1,s were made and nearly 6,000 panthers
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    According to some sources, this was the greatest tanks battle in the humankind history, and the irronically, the battle ramped out by an accident of odds. The germans batallions met again by accident some guard batallions of Stalin, in some plain fields, where all the jazz followed out. About 800 such german tanks met some 1300 russian kind, but at that time russians have been more prepared, trained, specialized in warfare, even though the score for germans, as usual was about 1 tank lost to 2 russian kind.
    The problem was that germans couldn't remake the advantage, their industry was somehow affected by western attacks and bombing, being in a serious lack of raw materials and resources. While russians having all major industry moved on Urals mountains kept continuing to produce tanks undefinetly, which they did also after 1945. So practically Germany lost the war on eastern side on this major impact battle.
    Now, no matter the fact germans panzers proved to be superior in all aspects, in terms of quality, effectiveness, fire power, highly trained personel, WWII proved again that QUANTITY ALWAYS PREVAILS QUALITY...
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    Not always. If you have an experienced guy against three inexperienced guys, the experienced guy would maneuver his way away from the attacks and counterattack. However, an impressive superiority(1000 to 500) has an influence on the battle.

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